Sunday, April 8, 2012

What I Wore | Easter Parade

What I'm Wearing: Ruffle T-Shirt Ann Taylor // Cardigan Secondhand Target // Polka-dot Skirt F21 // Pumps Famous Footwear // Earrings LC for Kohl's 

Happy Easter everybody! How was your day today? Mine was great. I went to church in the morning; had barbecue for dinner; and Gabrielle & I helped our parents hid easter eggs for our younger siblings to find {that was loads of fun! My favorite place to hid eggs is outside.}. And oh, yeah, had ice-cream for supper.

I don't know about you. But I love wearing some spring-y shade of purple for Easter - have for years. {In fact, for after church I switched out my skirt for a pair of purple skinnies.} What's your go to color for Easter Sunday?


  1. Love the outfit! My color for Easter is light purple{like yours!}, or yellow. :) I adore that skirt and the cardigan!!!!

  2. That is an adorable outfit!!


  3. I have that skirt!!!!

    Happy Easter, and you look cute, as always,

  4. Oh my goodness. This is so adorable.

  5. I am so crazy about your blog... you have style lady!!! Follow back?

    xox from South Africa!!

  6. I love the outfit, Ashley! Quite cute & Eastery! I'd wear it, I think! :D

  7. purple is a lovely colour on you! i love that skirt.

  8. this looks lovely on you, Ashley! I wore yellow for Easter this year, but I usually do a nice springy green actually.

  9. Cutest outfit ever! You have a fantastic sense of style, not kidding!!!


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