Friday, April 20, 2012

Birch box Review | April, 2012

It has been awhile since I've done a Birchbox review {January was the last one I did}. In February I was too busy to do a post when it arrived in the mail {it was an alright box}. March - the month just flew by {now, that box theme was Teen Vogue and it was awesome!}. The theme for this month is Natural Wonders and it was filled with natural & organic products {well, except for the perfume sample}.

{italics = from my Birchbox information card // bold = my own thoughts} 
1. Befine ❘ Skincare Sampler. "Easy does it. This exfoliator and moisturizer duo uses gentle ingredients like rice and brown sugar to keep skin supple and healthy." Full-size, $24 - $25 I'm really excited to try out these sample packages, as I've been thinking about trying out a exfoliating cleanser just the other week. That's one thing I love about Birchbox. I get to try out products for only $10 a month and there are usually things I've been eyeing in my boxes. And I can always use some more moisturizer with my dry skin.

2. Allima Pure ❘ Organic Nourishing Lipbalm in Rhubarb. "Both wholesome and chic, this tinted balm is made with plant butters and delivers a natural flush of color." Full-size, $7 Now, I'm a lip product type of girl {I always carry at least 6 different types in my purse}. So I'm always open to trying new types, scents, colors, etc... Of course, I tried it out right away. The balm is very soft and just melts when you glide it onto your lips. The color is very close to natural - just a touch of a shade darker. I really like it - the price too.

3. Wonderstruck Taylor Swift. "The pop-country songstress' scent is as catchy as her lyrics. We think it is wrothy of a standing gig on our vanity." Full-size, $49.50 - $59.50 Alright, since my January Birchbox review I've started liking perfumes. Why, in my March box they included a sample of Kate Spade's Twirl and it is now my number one favorite scent! This month is no exception. I really like Taylor Swift's perfume, Wonderstruck. Have you seen pictures of the bottle? Too cute!

4. willa ❘ Gentle Cleansing Lavender Facial Towelettes. "There's no need to cozy up to your sink - wipe away the day's debris with theses aloe and lavender-infused wipes." 30 pack, $7 I don't know about you? But I enjoy using cleansing wipes. Especially when on the road, or at the end of the day when I'm really tired. So I can't wait to try these out as I love my Say Yes to...Cucumbers towelettes. Which reminds me, I really need to do that Say Yes to... review sometime soon. 

5. dropps ❘ Laundry Detergent. "Lighton your laundry day load with these single-use, eco-friendly detergent packs. We love their convenience factor and adorable design. Pack of 20, $6 I love that these are dye & scent free as I'm allergic to scented detergent soap {along with my brother}. So maybe we could use the packs while on vacation sometime.     

You can signup for your own monthly Birchbox right here. It costs only $10 a month and you can cancel your subscription at anytime before the end of the month {when they will bill you for your next box}. You can read their FAQ here.


  1. Looks like a good box! Thanks for the review. :)

  2. Fun review! I always love it when you review your Birchboxes. Could you review last month's, just a little late? ;) It just sounds like a fun box that I would love to see!

  3. Hi! I just saw your photos on Jessica´s blog, then I came to check your blog and I liked it, so I´ll be following you here on blogger and if you want to visit my blog or follow me back you will be very welcome...


  4. @Vanessa I supposed I could since it was such a fun box! :)


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