Friday, April 27, 2012

Modest Prom Dress Choices

So I've been asked recently to do a post on modest prom dress choices. I thought, why not? 

1) Pleased to See Hue 2) Belle in Bronze 3) Some Enchanted Afternoon 4) Draped Darling Dress

Here are four choices from Modcloth. Though some of them haven't been released yet - hopefully they will be released soon. If you are looking for a non-strapless dress do try out Modcloth. You can find different lengths on the site {they're just aren't that many floor length dresses on the site}.

If you want a floor length dress that isn't strapless the only advice I have is you can either sew your dress or find a vintage dress online, in a thrift store, vintage clothing shop, etc...


  1. Those are lovely, especially the bronze one. You can also purchase a strapless dress and modify it which is what I did. I found a gorgeous, rather unique strapless formal at a consignment shop. I added wide ribbon for straps and my mom sewed a shrug for me.

    I've also seen some full length formals on some Mormon sites that were very modest.

  2. Lovely choices! There are actually a lot of resources for long modest prom dresses online. Here are a few links:

  3. I was just going to post about Latter Day Bride as well! They have some gorgeous prom dresses, and if you wanted something more simple than their prom dress category, they have some nice, basic bridesmaid's dresses as well in many different colors. The only thing I don't generally like about their dresses is the back is a tad low, at least for me. I try not to do low back dresess because they just aren't flattering!

  4. ModCloth does have one gorgeous non-strapless floor length dress! I think it's called goddess of the gala or somthing:-)

  5. Just a thought I had: If you simply can't find a non-strapless that you like and you find a lovely dress, but it is strapless, you could wear a pretty beaded cardigan or bolero jacket over it. Just be sure the strapless isn't too low and fits very well so you're not yanking it up all night. And of course you have to buy an undergarment made for that kind of dress, so this would be a pricier option than finding a dress with straps or sleeves. A few years back there were formal separates in the stores. I don't know if they are still selling them, but you could get a beautiful full ball gown skirt and pair it with a dressy blouse or fluffy sweater.

  6. Thank you for sharing all these links & advice in the comments! As I've never been to Prom. Your advice is most helpful.


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