Saturday, April 28, 2012

One Skirt ❘ Three Days ❘ Day 2

What I'm Wearing: Refashioned Polka-Dot Skirt made by me // Belt Vintage // Necklace Forever 21 // Coral Tee & Heels Target

Like my sister Gaby, I love the colors coral & turquoise together. They are just so bright & happy together and if you throw some polka-dots into the mix - oh my, you have one happy girl here. If you can't tell from header, I have a slight obsession with polka-dots. Whenever I enter a store I always spot all the polka-dots right away - its a sixth sense I have. *laughs*     

This morning my outfit for today was way too similar to yesterday's outfit - I had just added a different top, a necklace, and changed my earrings & hairstyle. To change the look of the outfit more I changed my belt {goodbye knotted belt! *sheds a few tears*} and took off my new black cardigan. Giving my outfit a different look and not the that's-so-yesterday's outfit look. *grin*

Now, don't forget to check out Natasha & Olivia's outfits for today. Just click on either button below to visit their blog.

Link up your outfit for today below:


  1. Oh my, love this combination!! :-) that top is such a cute style, I really like it a lot!! :-)

  2. I linked up for today, Ash! I LOVE your outfit. That tee is fabulous! I'm going to be on the look-out for it next time I go to Target! *grin*
    Oh! And your hair looks darling.

  3. Coral and turquoise are so beautiful together!

  4. I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! The colors go together so well.

  5. Your outfit is adorable! I love the shirt, I didn't used to like that "dolman" style top, but now I do.

  6. *lets out loud whistle & then promptly steals the outfit*

    (that says it all, does it not??? ;) ;) :D :D )

  7. I guess great minds think alike! I wore coral and turquoise together today too, and I'm really lovin' the combination! <3

  8. You always look beautiful! I want the entire outfit Ashley!!


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