Friday, April 27, 2012

One Skirt ❘ Three Days ❘ Day 1 {Gray Sweater}

What I am wearing: pinks skirt gift (I got this six years ago and it has undergone three refashions to the waist part) // purple top Anthropologie // brown belt Maurices // brown ruffle heels Madden Girl (Famous Footwear) // grey sweater Target // thistle necklace Khols // ring gift

So, I was going to do a denim skirt for this challenge but mine wasn't washed. [No explanation needed.] Then I was going to do the skirt I am wearing in these pictures. But I finally decided that I was going to do the sweater for the simple reason that I would most likely be wearing it all three days anyway. So, am I alone? Anyone else doing a sweater? I didn't think so. But, hey, it's on the cool side where I live. If you can't tell, the sun was blinding me when I was getting my pictures taken which made me even more uncomfortable being in front of the camera. Photographers always prefer being behind the camera. I am excited to see how I can change the look of the sweater. Maybe I shall borrow some super fun and cute necklaces from Ashley, or I could show off the necklace she bought me for my birthday. I'll leave you with this picture.
[Life is fantastic... so smile! Even when you have tears in your eyes from the bright sunlight. I love to laugh.] 


  1. Love the skirt and I almost picked a sweater, but went with a skirt instead!

  2. Super cute Gabrielle! I was actually thinking about doing a sweater, but went with my denim skit instead. I can't wait to see the different outfits you create.
    In Him,Tessa

  3. Really, really pretty! Love the ruffles of your top and sweater (and shoes!) I'd wear that skirt and those shoes everyday. They are so lovely. ;)

  4. Okay, I've absolutely decided that I must have that sweater - grey and ruffles?! Totally going to Target. *grin*
    Super cute outfit!!

  5. I actually almost picked a sweater too! :-) Love your outfit the colors are so lovely together!! :-)

  6. I would've tried a shirt for the event, but the weather is too crazy here to do that!
    Cute outfit, Gabrielle!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  7. This is my favorite so far! you look cute!

    --heather anderson @

  8. @Natasha Marie The sweater is only available online. Just thought you'd like to know. It is in the juniors section.


  9. So pretty! You always look lovely Gabrielle!


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