Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What I Wore | Girls Night Out

What I'm Wearing: Ruffle Maxi Skirt made by me {buy your own here} // T-Shirt F21 // Scarf Target // Bracelets made by me // Ring J.C.Penny // Earrings F21 // Oxford Heels F21 // Bag borrowed from Hanne-col {Target} // Trench Coat H&M

Since Gabrielle, Hanne-col, and I are going shopping with a friend tonight I wanted a simple outfit without too many layers, and was comfy. Comfort & little layers are key when going clothes shopping. I also like to make sure I'm wearing a two piece outfit too. This makes trying on tops, or bottoms so much easier then if I was wearing a dress.

What do you like to wear when you go clothes shopping?


  1. I love every single piece of this! :D

    What I wear when I go shopping... hmmm... our weather changes so much here, it is hard to know how to dress...

    Right now I would usually wear a jean skirt, tee shirt of some kind, and a sweater or light jacket...

    If I am not going to be shopping much, then I wear heels/boots/whatever I feel like.

    If I'm gonna be a while, I wear something more comfortable like ballet flats.

  2. Your nail polish is so pretty! =)

  3. I think I like your outfit better without the trench coat. But it looks good with it too. Wonderful outfit yet again! Thanks for sharing.

  4. ooh lovely. :) i love the scarf!

    -lucia @ lucia, etc.

  5. Your skirt is lovely. Especially since you made it - so neat!


  6. You're so cute! *smile*

    When I go clothes shopping I try to wear something that's simple to get on and off (tee + skirt usually) without a ton of things that need reorganized.
    Oh, and I had sooo much fun wearing my "twin" bracelets when we went to Texas. <3
    Have fun shopping! Much love!

    PS I almost forgot to mention that I love your new header, Ash! It's so cute!!

  7. Oh, I just LOVE this outfit!
    The trench coat...the polka dot scarf...the ruffle skirt...*squeal*
    And I love your hair like that - you look so lovely!

    Also, I had to re-draw for one of the prizes from my Silver Screen Blog Party giveaway, and you won!
    Hop over to claim your prize=)


  8. YOUR style is so pure and innocent... so beutiful... so modest!! I really love it

    Cindy, from Life as a Young Christian

  9. Ohhh me too. I always wear a skirt or jeans with a top when I go out shopping. Not to mention I usually wear my favorite layering tank too so I can see how tops layer together. :-)

    I've said it before but I will say it again... This skirt is to die for. SO adorable! :-)

  10. Such a beautiful skirt!
    I have that same scarf, do you mind my asking how you knotted it? I'm always looking for new ways to wear scarfs ;)


  11. @Meagan Not at all. I'll do a tutorial on how I did it next week, or so. :)

  12. I love how Tenth Doctorish the Trench Coat looks! GO ASHLEY!


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