Friday, November 18, 2011

Book Sale Findings

This afternoon I went to our library's half-price book sale and I found some real gems. Oh, I'm so excited to show y'all what I found. 
1) High Society Soundtrack Record {I think it is from 1956}. 2) This Is The Army Souvenir Album {1943}. 3) Daniel Boone Season Five DVD set 4) Wanted: Dead or Alive Season One DVD set
1) Etiquette for Everybody from The Homemaker's Encyclopedia {1952} 2)Pieces for Everyday: The Schools Celebrate by: Norma H. Deming & Katharine I. Bemis {1949} 3) Kidnapped by: Robert Louis Stevenson {1907} and published by Scribners.
1) History of Costume by: Dunlap {This is one strange book. There is no title page, no words, just scans of clothing from magazines. Very interesting.} 2) Three knitting booklets from the 1960s. 3) Color Me Confident by: Veronique Henderson & Pat Henshaw {2006}
1) Gay Divorcee {1934} VHS 2) They Shall Have Music {1939} VHS 3) Everybody Sing {1938} VHS 4) Funny Face {1957} 5) Hoosiers {1986} VHS 6) On The Waterfront {1954} VHS 7) On The Town {1949} VHS
The winner for the Christmas Gift Tag set is......
Julia M.! Congratulations! If you will just send me an email with your name & mailing address, I'll pass it on to the sponsor right away.


  1. oh i love some good thrifty finds!!

  2. I love library book sales! We don't seem to have good finds at ours anymore though!

  3. Thanks so much! I just emailed you my info.

  4. I love This Is The Army! It is one of my favorite old movies. :) Looks like you goto some awesome finds!! :)

  5. AHHH, Ashley.... you got On The Waterfront!? Yay! I can't wait till you see it!! It looks like you got some fantastic things at this book sale. The book sales look like so much fun! I would love to go along with you sometime. Oh, and those books look great too!

    Much love!
    Achaia xxx

  6. "Funny Face" by Audrey Hepburn & Fred Astaire was a most wonderful movie. :)

    Those finds look very interesting!

  7. Oh, I was looking more closely and realized you got a Gene Kelly & Frank movie!! Can't wait to hear what you think about it!

  8. Great finds! I work at a library and we just finished giving away books! I just love books! Lovely blog!

  9. Oh wow, you got some great stuff!!

  10. How cool! I have wanted to see Funny Face for so long! Do tell how it is! ;)


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