Friday, November 11, 2011

Fall Fashion Challenge {Day 6} - Fav. Fall Trend

jean skirt made by me// plaid shirt hand-me-up// boots target// leather headband made be me

Today's theme was favorite fall trend. I picked plaid. I was feeling a little country today, besides I wanted to wear something comfy. 

I'm thankful that I was able to finish my dress late last night, at 11:59PM  to be exact {I just have to hem it after I write this post}. *grin* I'm hoping to get ready for the banquet today early, that way Gabrielle can take pictures of my dress for y'all! *smile*

Now it's your turn to show your outfit for today. Link up your outfit below {remember, to use the link of your blog post, or a photo on a image hosting site}:


  1. Love the outfit...I'll link up soon!!!

  2. Ooooh! I LOVE everything about it!

  3. can I say cuuuute?
    I've linked up=)

  4. I love your outfit. Especially your skirt. It's funny, I chose plaid today too. :)
    I linked up my post for today.


  5. Hooray! That's a great skirt pattern, and it works excellently for the western-wear look. Well done!

    I linked up for today-- I choose mustard, that happiest of colors. :)

  6. I live it! The skirt is really nice..I've been needing to make some, I can't find any long ones that actually look decent. :P Would you mind sharing the pattern number? Thanks!


  7. Hi Ashley,
    We can't wait to see your dress! What pattern did you use for your skirt? It is lovely.

    We are all linked up!
    -Three Sisters

  8. Your outfit is so cute! I love your shirt!! I just linked up my post for today.

  9. Your outfit looks very lovely. :) I like it!

    I linked up!

  10. Beautiful! What skirt pattern did you use? I really like it.

  11. Just linked up, Ashley! Adorable outfit... it does have a country flavor to it.
    *You*must*take*pictures*of*your*dress!! I want to see it!!!
    Much love,

  12. That looks like a super comfy outfit. I like it:)

  13. What an awesome outfit, Ashley!! You absolutely convey the essence of "autumn" in that combination of plaid shirt, denim skirt, and boots! :-D

    Love in Christ,

  14. I also wore a plaid shirt and a denim skirt. :) I love your shirt!

  15. I linked up!


  16. Lovely skirt! I don't make my own skirt, but I did refashioned my old jeans into jeans skirts.

    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  17. Ok. I love this outfit! Brown and blue are my favorite colors...such an autumn look. :) Do you mind my asking...what pattern did you use for the skirt. I really like it.

  18. I've linked up!
    Love your outfit! I'm planning on wearing something similar to that along with my hat tomorrow. Won't it be sad that tomorrow is the last day? *sighs*

  19. I love that outfit! It's sooooo totally something I would wear!



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