Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fall Fashion Challenge {Day 4} - Favorite Era

1950s circle skirt made by me// burgundy top liz claiborne outlet// scarf forever 21// seamed tights forever 21// oxford heels forever 21// earrings forever 21
Today's theme was favorite era. I decided to do 1950s with a modern twist. The bottom half of me is very vintage, while the top half is more modern. What do y'll think? I can't wait to see what all of you do for today's challenge!

Now it's your turn to show your outfit for today. Link up your outfit below {remember, to use the link of your blog post, or a photo on a image hosting site}: 

Sorry about the lateness in today's post! I've been busy working on a powerpoint/keynote for my dad's banquet this Friday. Which reminds me, I really need to start sewing my dress for Friday. *grin* Yep, I have to make the mock-up AND sew my dress before 3PM Friday afternoon. Think I can make it? I dearly hope I can. {BTW: My dress inspiration is early '60s & Kate Spade cocktail dresses}  

Which reminds me, Kellie is hosting a fun, and huge, one year blog anniversary giveaway right now. Go check it out here


  1. I can't believe you found back-seamed tights at Forever21! They're excellent.

    This skirt is a delight! I remember seeing it on Casey's Circle Skirt Party post and falling in love with the fabric you picked. Pairing it with red wouldn't have occurred to me, but it's a great combination.

    (The circle skirt I made is yellow, too-- I just still haven't hemmed it, agh!)

  2. I love everything about this outfit! I guess my favorite era and yours are pretty similar. :)

  3. I Love your outfit! Especially the circle skirt and the seamed tights. I wish they still sold those at forever 21. Last time I checked they were out of stock.
    P.S. I linked up my post for today.


  4. Aw, I love your outfit! I would like some regular panty-hose colored seamed stockings. Mod Cloth has some black ones as well. If I dressed vintage more often, I would definitely have to buy them!

  5. Pretty outfit! I like your earrings. :)

    I linked up!

  6. I really like the way the red shirt goes with the yellow skirt! Great outfit.

    I linked up

  7. I love your skirt, I need to make my self a few for winter!

  8. Ashley!
    I just linked up... so sorry it was a little later... time got away from me!

    I adore your outfit!! It's so cute, and those seamed tights can't be beat. Love the scarf too!
    xxx Achaia

  9. Ooh! So beautiful! I love the 50;s. Your skirt is beautiful, I love how full it is. I liked you tights, too! I have had an obsession with lights since coming across your blog..I want a pair in every colour now! And some Oxford Heels...simply lovely!


  10. I love the fashions of the pretty and elegant! I love your outfit, too!

    I just linked up!


  11. I've linked up today!

    How did you ever find a pair of stockings with a back seam! Those are so cool. Great outfit!

  12. Love your outfit, Ashley! I have a thing for scarves, and yours is adorable. =) Thanks for hosting this challenge...I'm having a lot of fun with it!

    Many blessings!

  13. Such a cute outfit, Ashley!
    I'm linked up for today. :)

  14. I love it! Your skirt is beautiful!
    I was so looking forward to doing today's challenge but the day got away from me. *sigh* Oh well:)

  15. Your tights are really cute and realistic:) It's fun to mix vintage with modern.

    We are linked up, and late because of internet difficulties!
    -Three Sisters

  16. I had fun doing this day. :)
    Good luck on your dress! I know you can do it. :)

  17. Love that skirt! and your shoes? can I have them please? thanks! (:
    your header is gorgeous!

  18. Oh Ashley!!! This outfit is so beautiful. In a couple days I'm going to be posting it on Ruby-Eyed Okapi's tumblr! because it's just so lovely!!!

  19. Hey Ashley,
    I have a facebook page called Modern Modest Fashion, and I was wondering if I could feature a few of your photos on an album dedicated specifically for photos from fashion blogs on the internet. Your blog will be listed as source and also as a must read blog. Is that ok?

    That girl from -

  20. I love it!!!!! Oh and B.T.W.: i saw somewhere that you took online classes from "Mrs. Chancy". Is that with Sense and sensibility? I've been thinking about taking some of those myself. How were they?

    1. Hi, Heaven Lee!
      Yes, the online classes I took from Mrs. Chancey is the one with Sense & Sensibility patterns. They were really good if you want to get into costuming, or sewing historical type clothing. They were the first (& only) sewing classes that I ever took back when I first started sewing clothing in 2007. :)

  21. I'm the one who just sent u the message about Mrs. Chancy. Just wanted to let you kow that my name is Heaven Lee. Thanks!


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