Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall Fashion Challenge {Day 3} - Bold Tights

black t-shirt target/ black tank j.c.penny/ jean skirt made by me/ scarf forever 21/ earrings j.c.penny/ pinkish tights j.c.penny or kohl's/ oxford heels forever 21
Today's theme is bold tights. I had a hard time deciding which color I should wear today. At first, I thought about wearing my mustard colored tights, then I decided against it. I went with my pinkish tights instead. Instead of going all out and wearing a bunch of color today, I went more simple. Hehe...I also included yesterday's challenge into today's outfit. As I'm wearing black, brown, and blue together. Well, I guess I break that fashion rule almost everyday.

Now it's your turn to show your outfit for today. Link up your outfit below {remember, to use the link of your blog post, or a photo on a image hosting site}: 


  1. Love the color combo! I really like how you tied your scarf, very chic! =)
    I have to find me some colorful leg wear, I was stuck wearing christmas knee highs for today's challange, sad I know! ;-)

  2. I love your outfit! So pretty!

  3. Love the boldness in them tights! I've linked up=)

  4. I am in love with your oxford heels! The outfit came together nicely...I like it very much!
    I've linked up.


  5. You and Gabrielle styled that scarf completely differnt, yet both cute!
    I'll be posting a bit later as I'm taking a shower today...he!He!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  6. I love how the brown shoes go with the tights! Gotta love those old fashioned shoes!

  7. I'm not going to be able to link up today (from lack of ANY color tights, bold or otherwise), but I think this is my favorite challenge. Seeing everyone's tights was so fun!

  8. So...
    I don't have super 'bold' tights...but I have ones with polka dots. I'm gonna try to see if they'll work for my outfit today!! HOPEFULLY they do!! :/

  9. Ashley~
    I just linked up!

    Oh, I think your outfit is just darling! How did you do your hair?? It's so cute!


  10. I love your scarf and your hair. So elegant. BTW I linked up my post for todays challenge.


  11. Cute outfit! I really like your blouse. :)

    I linked up!

  12. I just posted my outfits for today and yesterday.

    Love your outfit! :)

  13. Very cute outfit! I do love those shoes:)

  14. @Natasha Atkerson Hehe...I was wondering if anyone would notice. I also think our skirts are made with the same pattern. *grin*

  15. @Achaia Thanks, Achaia! I just rolled the sides and pinned up all my hair in the back. Then sprayed tons of hairspray while styling my bangs into one of the rolls.

  16. Hello!
    We are late, but linked nonetheless!
    Looking forward to tomorrow's challenge:)
    -Three Sisters

  17. Love the scarf!
    So...I didn't have any tights. :( So, I wore patterned knee socks. I hope that counts!

  18. Your hair is so pretty in these pictures! :)

    As I said in my post, I don't have any bold tights...so I used bold colors instead. :)

  19. I forgot to tell you that I have linked up yesterday! :)
    I think your outfit is cute! I really need to look into getting some colored tights other than black.

  20. Super cute! I love your shoes!

    & I just linked up!


  21. Can you post a video of how you did your hair? It's so cute!

  22. Finally got mine posted! haha :) Cute outfit by the way!

  23. Wow--red tights! I only got to wear those when I was little and in a Christmas production :) Where did you find them?

  24. @Hannah Barta - Actually the tights are really a hot pink, that just looks red in pictures. But I got them at J.C.Penny's.


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