Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fall Fashion Challenge 2011 Begins Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the big day, girls. It is the day when the fall fashion challenge will begin. Yay! I'm so excited for it to begin. Even though my week may be hectic at times, I'll love every moment. I'll also be having several giveaways for y'all. And it looks like we will be having a fairly large turnout for the fashion challenge too. Which is awesome!

Several of you asked some questions in my announcement post, that I'm going to address some of your questions here. That way, everyone can see your questions and the rules and how to go about joining the challenge. Sound good?

Where do I link my outfit posts up? Everyday I'll have a outfit post where the Mister Linky widget will be placed at the end of my post. The time my posts will be published will vary day-to-day. Somedays I may post in the morning, other days it might not be until late afternoon, or even the evening. It will depend on how soon I can get my post together and up.

What do I do if I don't have a blog, yet I want to join in the fun? You can upload pictures onto a photo hosting site {flickr, photobucket, etc...} and link the picture of your outfit into the widget.

Do I have to do all of the days? Can I join in the challenge a few days late? You are welcomed to join in when ever. If you are reading this say, Wednesday, you are still welcomed to join in the fun!

I don't have any hats. Can I use a bold headband instead, like a hippie style? Sure, that is fine! It is sort-of like a hat. Fascinators are fine too.

Here is a reminder of the guidelines for the fashion challenge each day. 
Sunday - There is no challenge for this day. You can do wear ever you want.
Monday - Black & Brown/ Red & Pink / any color combinations that don't normally go together.
Tuesday - Bold Tights {color, prints, patterns, lace-y...} (If you don't have bold tights you can use basic tights.)
Wednesday - Dress like your favorite era. {1910s, 1940s, 1970s, etc...}
Thursday - Polka dots. {If you don't have polka dots, you can do another print you own.}
Friday - Your favorite Fall trend. {I have a post on the Fall trends here.}
Saturday - Wear a hat. 


  1. Oooh, how exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing all the outfits! =)

  2. Shoot, I tried to comment but I don't think it went through the first time. Sorry if this comes up twice!

    I'm not much of a blogger, and I'm pretty shy about getting pictures of myself online, but this looks like a fun challenge! I'm in.

    I don't know if I've commented before, so just wanted to add that I always enjoy the kind, positive atmosphere your blog maintains. It's always fun and encouraging to read. Thanks for writing!


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