Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What I Wore - It's A Marshmallow World....

blouse h&m// cami kohl's// belt forever21// jean skirt made by me// green tights j.c.penny// boots target// earrings forever21
Ah! It started snowing today! I'm listening to Christmas music while watching the snow come down. It's just a wonderful cozy-type of day. I just need a cup of hot chocolate now. *smile* 

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Mine was wonderful. Had lots of food covered in gravy. Apple pie & peppermint bark. Watched Jimmy Stewart in The Stratton Story. And woke up early for Black Friday the next day where I discovered a new favorite store, H&M. They have some of the most beautiful 1960s inspired coats. *sighs* And just lots of pretty things in general. I also stopped at: J.C.Penny, Anthro, Forever21, Old Navy, and Kohl's. The tights & blouse I'm wearing today are from my Black Friday shopping trip. In the coming weeks you will see what I bought - minus the Christmas presents I bought {I almost got all my shopping done!}. *smile*


  1. Too cute! I love the way you've belted the blouse to give it that sort of peplum effect: it works great. And hooray for new tights!

    I must issue a tiny sigh and squeak of envy at your snowfall-- it's still sixty here! I'm totally plotting cozy winter outfits to wear when we go north for our Christmas visits. :)

  2. Adorable, Ashley! I LOVE the blouse. Does H&M have a website?? I can't wait to see more of what you got on Black Friday!

    It's snowing there??! Wow! It's just cold here.

    xxx Achaia

  3. @Achaia I knew you would love this blouse. The minute I saw it on the sale rack I was like "this is so Achaia & me."

    H&M does have a website, but sadly you can't order off the site, nor do they have everything listed on the site {like all the cute coats!}. H&M is an European store and everything is imported to US stores from Europe. http://www.hm.com/us/

    Yep, we got our first stick-to-the-ground snowfall today. *smile*

    Did your F21 blouse come yet? Mine arrived today and I can't wait to wear it!

    ~Ashley xxxx

  4. Totally exciting! I nearly nabbed a pair the same color at J.C.Penney on Black Friday. With Herculean strength, I refrained. Glad you got fun things, though!

  5. "Had lots of food covered in gravy." The most perfect sentence. Ever. (Yes, I am a gravy freak, how did you know? :P)

  6. Love this outfit! How did you fix you belt like that? It looks super cute!

  7. Ashley~
    That's so cute that you thought the blouse looked like us when you saw it on the rack! *grin* That's too bad that H&M doesn't have a perfectly-useable website! Next time I go to Indy I'll have to look in the store.
    Oh, you got your F21 blouse! Yay! Sadly, I just got an email today saying they'd cancelled my order. I'm so disappointed. I plan on calling them first thing tomorrow morning, and seeing if they can give me some help. I can't wait to see you in yours!!
    By the way, I forgot to tell you in my first comment that I loved your post name! Just a couple days ago we were listening to Dino singing "It's a Marshmallow World". :smile:
    xx Achaia

  8. @Caitlin I. Why don't I do a post were I show y'all how I tie my belts. *smile*

  9. @Achaia What!?! They cancelled your order? That's awful.

    *smile* I was listening to "It's a Marshmallow World" while I wrote this post. It is one of my favorite Christmas songs right now.

    ~Ashley xxx

  10. This is a lovely outfit!
    One of my favorites of yours I think. The blouse is really nice....and boots. I LOVE boots.

  11. That would be great! This really is a super cute outfit!

  12. I absolutely LOVE this outfit! and it looks really nice on you! :)
    I can tell we live kinda close, because we had that same weather that day! LOL


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