Friday, November 4, 2011

My first vintage beauty related products

After taking several vintage hair & makeup classes at Costume College this year {I'm still slowly working on the post. There is a lot of information to share.}. I've become interested in doing more on creating a more vintage look. So I've been entering vintage beauty related giveaways, hoping to win some great products. And guess what? I have. I'm so happy. *smile* I just want to share what vintage beauty products I've tried, and what I think about them. I am by no means, bragging {just want to get that out there}.

The first thing I won was back in August. It was for Besame Cosmetics Crimson Cream Rouge. You can wear it either on your lips, or on your checks. I've worn it both ways. You can see me wearing it on my checks in this post. I love this product. The color is very pigmented. Packaging is very vintage, making it perfect to be displayed on your vanity, if you have one that is. Another reason I love Besame, is that they use natural ingredients. Which is great for me, as I have sensitive skin. And no, I didn't react to the rouge. Yay! I can't wait to try more of their products.

It appears that they no longer sell this compact.
Another thing I won came all the way from England. {side note: I love receiving things through the royal mail. There is something so exciting about it.} It was a Stratton compact from VanRoe Powder Compacts. I love it. My mom loves it. We all love it. The compact is well made and feels oh, so, glamorous holding it. It comes in really cute packaging {which is always important}. And for safe keeping, you get to store your compact in a brown velvet bag. How perfectly regal.

What vintage beauty related products have you tried and like?

Also, I'm guest blogging over at Elegant Musings today. Go check it out!

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  1. The Royal mail are pretty good =) I love seeing the little red van with the gold lettering pull up outside my house each morning!


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