Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Shopping Gift Guide {Fashion & Beauty Edition}

With Christmas coming up, we are all wondering what we should give our friends & family. I thought it would be fun to put together a little gift guide for y'all. This is the fashion & beauty edition {I may do more editions} perfect for everyone on your list who loves fashion and beauty products {I may throw in a few other ideas}. I'm going to try to keep prices fairly low for y'all.

~Beauty Ideas~

{Birchbox gift subscription 3 months ($30), 6 months ($60), 12 months ($110)}

{buy a cosmetic bag from Forever21 ($1.50) and fill it with beauty & fashion products.}

{Beauty products from Lemon Citrus...lip balm, perfume... $3.50 - $22} 

~Fashion Ideas + a few odds & ends~
{Janny's Girl Scarf $14 - $36}


{craftee mcgees has some cute jewelry & accessories $7 - $25}

{adorable ankle socks from Forever21 & they are only 95 cents. polka-dots. owls.} 

Those are all of the ideas I could come up right now. Do any of you have gift ideas? Share them below in the comments.

Also, you might want to check out yesterday's post to see if you won any giveaways. 

I also created some new blog buttons last night. I came down with an awful sore throat last night {still have it today} and felt like making some new much needed blog buttons


  1. I love your Holiday gift guide, Ashley! I do hope you'll post more installments. I LOVE the glittery make-up bag at Forever21! Oh, and have you ever tried that lip gloss?? Lip goodies are always tempting. *smile*
    By the way, I love your new blog buttons! They are super. Oh, I hope your throat will feel better soon!
    Much love, Achaia
    PS... Have you decided about the Forever21 shirt?? It's reallllly tempting. :smile:

  2. @Achaia I had used the e.l.f lip gloss & their $1 liquid lipstick. It is really nice, smells delicious, and they sell it at Target. I'm the same way about lip goodies. They are always shouting out to me, "buy me, try me out, Ashley!." *grin*

    Yep, I bought the shirt this afternoon. Yay! I can't wait for it to arrive! *smile*
    ~Ashley xxx

  3. I love this gift guide, Ashley! Everything you chose is something I would love to have! Those socks are seriously cute!!!


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