Sunday, May 16, 2010

What I'm Wearing - Soft & Romantic

Hello dear readers! Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been so busy lately with a new schedule that I haven't figured out when it will be best to take outfit pictures. =) I'm working scheduling that in (when it is light outside), and not forgetting until late at night (when it is dark). :o I also have tons of tags and blog awards that I need to do! I'll try to work on those this week. But I do thank you all for your tags and awards.

-What I'm Wearing-
Blouse - Talbots Kids
Pencil Skirt - made by me (pattern review coming up!)
Black Heels - Naturalizer
Purse (it is really a camera bag) - Samsonite
Layer Necklace - Bass Shoe Outlet
Flower Ring - Arizona J.C.Penny
Flower Headband - Claire's
Pearl Earrings - Gift



  1. So nice!

    By the way, you were in my dream last night! :) It was kind of funny! You were much shorter than you are, though...

  2. Thanks Amanda.

    That sounds like a funny and weird dream. :p


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