Friday, May 21, 2010

"Anne of Green Gables" Style for Today

Chances are that you played, "Anne of Green Gables" growing up, or still do. ;-) You read all the books and watched the movies. You may have even dreamed of owning Anne's clothes in the Sullivan series. Right? Well, me and two of my sisters do. =) I love the story of Anne so much that I decided to do a post on her style and how to recreate it for today. Wonderful, huh? =)

First off, let me mention some fashion pieces that make me think of Anne.

  • Puff sleeves 
  • Mint green dresses (This is Gilbert's favorite color on Anne.)
  • Heart Necklaces from Gilbert
  • Pearl Ring (Anne's Engagment ring)
  • Flowers in hair (Various occasions)      
  • Carpet Bag (Most memorial occasion, when Matthew picks her up at the train station.)
  • Pinafore Apron (Wore aprons over dresses when a girl.)
  • Locket
  • Pearl Necklace from Matthew

You can try to insert one, or more of the above pieces into you outfits for a more Anne look. Another thing is to find modern clothes that Anne might wear. Yes, I have some options for you.


 1. Frontier Fashionista Tunic (Modcloth) 2. Streaming Sunshine Top (Modcloth) 3. Rosamond Vest (Modcloth) 4. Savannah Sweetness Top (Modcloth)

1. Summer Friday Top (Modcloth) 2. Don't Be Bashful Blouse (Modcloth) 3. Naturally Chic Bag (Modcloth) 4. Paint the Roses Blue Dress (Ruche)

For some odd reason the rest of my photos won't format like the ones above.  I wonder why? So you will have to endure the following longgg column format. 

All for the Love of You Daisy Dress (Ruche)

Seeking Sage Advice Green Peasant Top (Ruche)

 Fairytale Perfection Ruffle Blouse (Ruche)

Carefree Delight Ruffle Blouse (Ruche)

At the break of dawn denim bowtie skirt (Ruche)

Blowfish Festival Canvas Peeptoe Shoes (Ruche)

Nicole Behave Ankle Bootie (Ruche)

All of the above I feel Anne might wear if she lived today. They are pretty, girly, and homey.  You can pair the tops with either dark jeans or pretty skirts.

I have a fun idea in my head for a Anne outfit from my closet. So look forward to that. =) Plus, a post on her costumes in the movies and some ideas on how to recreate them. Sound good?

Til then!



  1. Love your post! Anne of Green Gables is one of my favorite movies. =)


  2. Hi Ashley,
    I found your beautiful blog through sweet Lindsay (Content in Christ) and I am so glad I did! I love all of the beautiful 'Anne' styled clothing you shared! Everything is gorgeous, feminine, modest, stylish and sweet! Thank you for putting this together and for the inspiration! I look forward to seeing your Anne outfit! I love the Anne movies and the books too!

    Love and blessings,

  3. Love the picks! What a great themed post!

  4. Glad you all enjoyed it!

    Paula - First off, welcome! Glad you enjoy my blog, and post.

  5. Excellent post! I love pulling together "Anne" outfits:)

  6. I loved this post and I love your blog! What a charming and creative little lady! (I don't say this degrading, I'm yet a "little lady" as well!)

    Everly of

  7. Great post! I could really see Anne wearing these things.

  8. I love this post so much! what a treat x you've inspired me to do a little post on her too someday. I'm reading anne of green gables right now for a blogger book club! its sweet and funny.

  9. I love Anne of Green Gables so much!!! What is it about her? I feel a new pinterest board coming on...

  10. I love Anne! And I love this stuff!! =) ~Heaven cute ideas


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