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What I Wore in Charleston, SC + Photos from my trip!

WARNING! Lots of pictures ahead! =) LOL!

Do your surroundings ever affect how you dress for the day? Well, for me they did while I was in Charleston, SC. I dressed more upscale the whole trip, my sisters called it, "Beach Resort." So I was more dressed up then my family the whole trip, but I love to dress up I dislike dressing casual. You know like a skirt or jeans with a printed t-shirt. I do have printed tees (from trips), but I don't always wear them, mostly only when I work in the yard. :P Anyways, here are the pictures! =)

Day 1 (Or 2 if you count the day it took to drive there.)
On our first day in Charleston we visited Fort Sumter, King Street (High-end shopping area. We only window shopped.), and two historical homes. They were the Edmondston-Alston house and Heyward-Washington house.

-What I'm Wearing-
Turquoise Shirtwaist Dress - Liz Claiborne Outlet
Layer Necklace - Bass Shoe Outlet
Purple Purse - St. John's Bay J.C.Penny
Pearl Earrings - Gift
Black Flats - American Eagle Payless
Black Trench Coat - Sonmoa Kohl's

Random Pictures from Day 1(2):

Berlin's a store that has been there since 1881!

An old pharmacy.

A $175 dress my mom and I feel in loved with. Minus the price of course. I would love to recreate this knit wrap dress, someday. ;) You gotta love those pockets and sleeves!

 The ruffles and shabby chic look of this dress, grabbed my attention. 

 Another look at the dress, but from across the street.

One lovely nightgown and housecoat/dressing gown. 

A close-up shoot. ;)

And side-view.
A darling little girls dress. Kinda 1930s, yes?

Darling nautical themed clothing for a boy and girl.

Fort Sumter

Heyward-Washington House

Edmondston-Alston house

Day 2(3)
On day two we went to Drayton Hall, Patriots Point, and Fort Moultrie. Today's theme for my clothes was...Nautical!

-What I'm Wearing-
White hooded sweater - St. John's Bay J.C.Penny's
Striped Tank - St. John's Bay J.C.Penny's
Old Hollywood Jeans - Made by me
Tan Wedges - Target
Purple Purse - St. John's Bay J.C.Penny
Key Watch Necklace - Maurices

Random Pictures from day 2 (3):

Ashley River at Dryton Hall.

The view of Drayton Hall from the river.

 A 200, or was that 300 year old tree. :)

Drayton Hall from the driveway.

Inside Drayton Hall. 

One of the many fireplaces in the house.

And another one. ;)

Doorway and window-seat.

USS Clamagore in Patriots Point.

 One of the many planes.

Another one...

And yet another one.

Small part of the USS Yorktown (CV-10).

The Navy flight simulator, which was so much fun! I wished it was longer then 5 minutes. =)

Fort Moultrie

Well, I only have outfit pictures for those two days. I was too busy having fun the other days to remember to take pictures. ():)

I will share with all some pictures I have of Boone Hall Plantation. Which was beautiful!

The Drive


Look! A monarch butterfly! 


Boone Hall Plantation



  1. What lovely pictures!! I want to visit SC sometime...(I've driven through before, but not spent time there).

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing pictures! what a great trip!

    Your nautical outfit is to die for! I LOVE it.

    Inside Drayton Hall and the Boone Hall driveway looked like sets from 'The Patriot'. Any idea if scenes were filmed there?

  3. Thanks girls!

    Atlanta - None of "The Patriot" was filmed in those two locations. Last time I was in SC I was able to visit Middelton Plantation, where the party scene was filmed in "The Patriot." You know, when the ships blow-up during the party that is outside. :) Now at Boone Hall some of the "The Notebook", "North & South" (1985) have been filmed there, and while we were at Boone Hall, "Army Wives" a TV Show was being filmed. Just a little movie/TV trivia for you. :)

  4. Lovely pictures! Make me want to visit SC someday!
    I especailly loved the pictures of the old houses and plantations- I'm in love with old houses. =)


  5. I live in charleston and I love it here! I glad that you had fun!:) God bless!


  6. Lovely post, Ashley! Your outfits are all so styish and cute. I made some jeans just like that a little while back, and I LOVE them! I used a Kwik Sew pattern... those are my favorites. :-)

    Looks like you had a great time in SC!!

    ~ Love,

  7. Thanks so much for sharing, Ashley! I loved your outfits. I also enjoyed seeing pictures of SC. I haven't been there for a long time, but would love to see it again in the future! Some of my relatives lived on a plantation there, so it holds a special place in my heart. So glad you had a wonderful trip!

    love, Achaia

    PS that Nautical themed outfit was perfect. I love to dress up too!

  8. *sniff* SC is waaaaaay too far away for me! :(:: But it looks lovely! The house looked like something out of the Pride and Predjudice movie!

  9. These pictures are lovely. I just stumbled on your blog and love it. Thanks for blogging. - Katy

  10. Just wanted to let you know that I recently stumbled upon this blog, and have really, really enjoyed looking through it! - you have some wonderfully inspiring ideas. :) Thanks ~

  11. Great blog, and thanks for posting the great pictures you took of your visit to Charleston and Drayton Hall. Given your interest in fashion, and in Ann Taylor specifically, I thought you would be interested to know that the recent Ann Taylor catalogue was shot at Drayton Hall. If you look closely at the images you posted on May 5, you'll see models posing on the upper portico, in the doorway leading into the basement, and in other areas on the the first floor. Quite a coincidence!
    Keep up the good work and we hope you have a chance to visit us again soon.
    All the best,
    Craig Tuminaro, Director of Museum Interpretation

  12. These photos were absolutely gorgeous. It looks like you went on a fantastic trip, thanks for sharing!

  13. I live in Charleston also. Some of "The Patriot" was also filmed at Cypress Gardens and Society Hall (where my husband and I were married). Don't miss the Aiken-Rhett house the next time you go. It's my favorite along with Drayton Hall.


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