Sunday, May 23, 2010

My "Anne of Green Gables" Inspired Outfit

Here is my "Anne of Green Gables" inspired outfit everyone. Remember that list I made of things that make me think of Anne? From that list I'm wearing a mint green dress, pearls, and a form of flowers in my hair. =)

-What I'm Wearing-

Mint Green Dress - Made by Gabrielle
Layer Necklace - Bass Shoe Outlet
Gold Flats - American Eagle Payless
Cream Flower Headband - Claire's 
Pearl Earrings - Gift
Purse - Made by me 

  Another idea for a modern "Anne" inspired outfit is to pair an Edwardian style blouse with jeans, or a skirt. If it wasn't so hot today, I would show you how it looks. Maybe some other day I will. =) 



  1. Hi Ashely,
    I love your Anne of Green Gables inspired outfit! You are so pretty and look beautiful in your outfit! Thank you for the inspiration! Love, Paula

  2. So lovely! I like the color and summery style. It's great!! Good job! :)

  3. That dress is amazing! The color and style are so softly beautiful! Anne would approve.

  4. I love the dress! It totally reminds me of something Anne would have worn!

  5. I love Anne! You do look very "prancing around Prince Edward Island". I love it :)


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