Thursday, May 27, 2010

What I'm Wearing | Brown & Orange

-What I'm Wearing-

Brown T-shirt - St. John's Bay J.C.Penny
Orange Flowered Skirt - Route 66 Skirt Made by me
Tan Wedges - Xhilaration Target
Key Watch Necklace - Maurices 
Brown Purse - Relic Fossil

In my last few posts I've been posting larger sized pictures. Do you all like the larger size pictures, or would you rather have the old size back?

I also redid the look of the blog, again. I like changing things up. Do you like the new format? Do you like having a large blog header, or would a smaller one?  

It is Memorial weekend this week (in America), and I have some outfit ideas. So be on the look out for those special themed outfits. I think you all will like them. =) 



  1. Really super cute outfit! I would say I like the medium pics better (mostly because it loads faster on my computer)

    As far as the header goes, superb love it!
    And the background looks cute too. Does it come in red? It would bring out the red in your dress in the header. But thats just me! :) TTYL

  2. You are beautiful

  3. I like the big pictures, and the new look!! Very cute!!! Oh, and I love the header pic! :)

  4. i always like big pictures better (and i love the pattern on your skirt!)

  5. Love the whole outfit, but the skirt is amazing!!

  6. The skirt is fantastic! And I love that bag.

  7. Hi Ashley,
    I like the big pictures the best! Your new header and your background look fabulous! I love your outfit! You did a beautiful job making your skirt! I look forward to seeing your special themed outfits! Love, Paula

  8. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Yours is very lovely...I'm adding it to my "Stylish Blogs" list. Congrats!

  9. Thank you for your input everyone! I see that most of you like seeing the larger pictures. So I will do. Glad you all like the new format. =)

    Also thank you, for your sweet comments about my skirt everyone. =)

  10. I'm a fan of big pictures.. I want to see the details! The blog is looking great, too.
    alltumbledown:a modest attempt at style

  11. Cute outfit!
    I love your blog layout! Very simple, yet pretty. =) I really like the big pictures, too. Keep them! =)



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