Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Boyfriend Cardigan in the Edwardian Era?

Yes, folks you have read that right. I was browsing through this website, when I stumbled across some cardigans that look like the popular boyfriend cardigans of today.



It goes to show that fashion repeats itself. =)


  1. haha, yes, fashion does repeat itself! I'm so afraid we are heading for the 80's look again. ick. (no offense to those who love clashing colors and big hair.)

  2. Neat!
    Yes, it's interesting to see how fashion repeats itself!

  3. Oh yes, definitely! "Menswear" styles were super popular in the Edwardian era - check out all the suits and ties worn by the ladies!

  4. Neat post! I was just watching Miss Potter the other day - and she has a lovely grey/blue cardigan, very similar to some of the pictures!

  5. That's such a great post!

    You have 2 awards awaiting you on my blog!


  6. That is so funny! They look just alike! It makes me want to go buy some of those sweaters....

    Allison Elizabeth♥


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