Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What I'm Wearing | Burst of Spring Colors

Summer time is a hard season to dress for. As there are only some many ways you can wear a skirt and top, or dress. But during the Winter and Fall you can layer your clothes in so many ways. But come summer time, you want the lest amount of layers as possible. I'm starting to see how important accessories are. So last night, I put together some new outfits trying some new combination's. Let's just see, if I can keep up with the new fresh outfit inspiration all summer long. =)

Today's outfit was one of those "new" outfits I put together last night. Do you like it?


-What I'm Wearing-

Pink Shirtwaist Dress - Liz Claiborne Outlet
White Skirt - Epcot at Walt Disney World
Blue Belt - Kohl's
Scarf - Made by me
Black Flats - American Eagle Payless
Handbag - Made by me



  1. Thank you for you nice comment on my blog =) I absolutely love that outfit! I love the pink dress! That is on my wishlist a beautiful pink dress! =D And I love the way you are wearing that skirt under the dress it looks great.

  2. Sheesh your skinny girl! :) Very cute, I especially like the scarf

  3. That dress is so cute, and the handbag is awesome too!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE this skirt and dress together! I am going to have to try that soon!

  5. So pretty, Ashley!! And the bag is *adorable.* What pattern did you use? I'd love to know! :)

  6. beautiful Ashley! I love the dress with the scarf and belt! I too had to stop with the denim skirt and an t-shirt frump! hehe I changed mid morning and felt much better after putting my hair up and tieing a ribbon around my head regency style and a cute top and skirt! :)

    I have been so busy with grad stuff as of late I have not posted my outfits! But I love seeing inspiration from you! :)

    In Christ,

  7. Hi sweet Ashley! I love your outfit! It is so beautiful and cheerful! A perfect summer outfit! You did a wonderful job making the scarf and purse! Love, Paula

  8. Aw, thanks girls!

    Lindsay - I drafted my own pattern for the purse. But great news! I'm planning on doing a tutorial sometime soon. =)

    Rebecca - Is it not amazing how clothing can effect how we feel?

  9. Hi! I often stop by your blog, but haven't ever commented before.

    Like your basic idea, but...please don't be offended <:D ....try unbuttoning your shirtdress panels and ironing them. Trying to do it with it buttoned just doesn't cut it sometimes.... :) I know: I have 5 brothers and the ironing is my job! :) It's amazing how much a smooth, crisp garment adds to your look!

    Love the petticoat underneath-yet-peeking style, too! Try different colors, for fun....the ladies of long ago didn't just stick to white! They had embroidery, quilting, printed patterns, even bright red!

    Love your blog!

  10. Kathleen - Thanks for the friendly reminder to iron my dresses with the buttons undone. I'm not offended with the way you did it. =) I often just iron the hem of my dresses and skirts while I'm still wearing them. :P I should take the time to iron more carefully. And I should iron them after a long day at work, before I take pictures (which was done here).

    Ooo, I love your idea of different types of petticoats beneath my dresses. I'll have to try that out, if I get the courage. ;-)

    Thanks for leaving a comment and reading the blog. =)



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