Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ann Taylor

I have loved the clothes at Ann Taylor for several years now. Even though I don't own any of their pieces. My size is usually sold out by the time it is marked down to the clearance racks. (Their clothing is quite pricey.) :p But I still love gazing at the clothing and getting sewing inspiration. =)

What I like about Ann Taylor is how their clothes are classic, yet with a mix of trendy pieces. They also have some that are quite modest. Hurray!

Here are a few of my favorite outfits from Ann Taylor that I put together on polyvore.

Ann Taylor - Look 5

Ann Taylor - Look 6

Ann Taylor - Look 8

Ann Taylor - Look 7


What about you? What are your favorites from Ann Taylor? If someone offered to buy you  one outfit, which one would it be? =)



  1. You know I've been loving these! Your Polyvores are always some of my favorites! I don't know which look I'd want! I hate choosing - maybe 1 or 8. I do have a couple pieces of Ann Taylor mostly from thrift stores, but I did buy myself this gorgeous bright red sleevless fancypants dress with petal-y ruffles at the shoulders for Val Day this year (at Ann Taylor)! I know, I know, it just sits in my closet, but it was originally something like over $200& it was marked way down to $20, plus I had a discount! Maybe one day I'll have an occassion to wear it, but right now it seems happy enough in my humble closet! =)
    With Christian Love,

  2. P.S.: I'd love for you to snag one of my new (untechnical) buttons in place of the old one! But, if you prefer the old one that's fine, too!

  3. I love Ann Taylor too! But their clothes tend to be too nice for my job. Taking my kids to the play ground, grocery store, out on walks. I used to be a BIG Harold's fanatic. Did you ever shop their sales? Great conservative feminine clothing. Very Laura Petri! Oh speaking of which. In the next couple of weeks I am going to be making some clothing that reminds me of Laura Petri. Check out my blog and let me know if you like em!

  4. I forgot to add. But White House Black Market has really cute stuff. It's another shop the sale rack but they always have the BEST spring cardigans.

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the last little pink dress. I love the 60's looks. I love going to the outlet mall and just staring in the window. New York New York has pretty summer dresses this years too. :)

  6. Bess - Aw, thanks. Your red dress sounds lovely! I hope you will have an event to wear it soon! =)

    Jenny - Ooo, thanks for telling me about those stores. I have heard of some of them, but never went inside. :P

    Oh, thanks for letting me know about your sewing projects! I'll have to keep an eye on your blog in the coming weeks. ;)

  7. Anne Taylor LOFT is my favorite store of all time! It's the only place I can find stuff that fits me properly. Love the pics. :)

  8. I love Ann Taylor clothes and I do buy them. Branson, MO has an outlet. I can usually find better bargains at regular stores though. Doylene

  9. We love Ann Taylor too! I'd have to go with look 5 or 6 probably, though they're all so cute. I don't have a ton of Ann Taylor clothes either, but my sister has found quite a few AT cardigans on eBay for really good prices and they are some of her favorites!

    I love Anthropologie.... only have one dress from there! They are very expensive too, so I just window shop for inspiration most of the time.



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