Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What I'm Wearing - Cowgirl Blues


-What I'm Wearing-
Brown suede skirt - Made by me (pattern review coming soon!)
Glaucous blue Top - St. John's Bay JCPenny's
Brown Belt - JCPenny's
Cream Knee Highs - Kohl's
Cowgirl Boots - Children's Place



  1. How adorable Ashley! I love love love it! I think the blue blouse and belt is so great! Of course I always love your outfits! God bless and I miss you so much! say hi to your mother and Gabrielle for me. :)

  2. Cute! Your hair looks good that way too!

  3. Thank you Natasha and Rebecca!

    Rebecca - I miss you too! I wish we lived closer to each other, so we could visit all the time! :)


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