Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ruffle Your T-Shirt

I've been pondering what to do for the Ruffle Your Stuff (and win) contest, and couldn't come up with something that was me. Then this weekend while I was browsing through some of my favorite sewing magazines, inspiration struck!  "Why not add a ruffle to one of my white tee shirts?" Mind you this was late at night, I pulled out my notions and some fabric scraps that caught my eye and piled them on top of the kitchen table.  I placed this and not on top of a shirt I had, trying to find something that caught my breath. Then this rose colored scrap grabbed me. I picked up my scissors and just started cutting. During this whole project I didn't pick up my measuring tape or ruler - I just used guess work. Thankfully it turned out. =)

Above is a before shot of the tee shirt. Besides adding a ruffle I changed the neckline as you can see above and below.  For referenced the neckline use to come up close to my neck and now it is much lower. In fact, I cut it a little too low for my taste so I just wear a tank underneath.   

I also added ruffles to another shirt this weekend. I'll see if I can get pictures soon. =)



  1. Cute! =)
    P.S.: Love the side braid!

  2. That turned out great, Ashley! Thank you so much for entering it! I love then those "on a whim" projects turn out so well :o)

  3. ADORABLE, my dear!! I so should try that...except I'll have to get a white t-shirt first, since I don't have one. Very, very cute, and thanks for the idea!

  4. Ashley!! You are just AMAZING!!! That looks beautiful! You are so creative!!!

  5. Cute! Amazing that you did that without rulers and such!


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