Monday, March 29, 2010

Secondhand Fashion Week - Day 1

Today's outfit will be entered into two fashion weeks,  AmandaBeth's Secondhand Fashion Week and Natasha's Modest Online Fashion Show. Busy week for online fashion shows. =)

-What I'm Wearing-
Wool Plaid Kilt - Secondhand 
3/4 sleeve Polo - IZOD
Cardigan - Paul Harris Design - Secondhand
Cream Tights - Kohl's
Moccasin Flats - Naturalizers
Brooch - Vintage - Antique Mall
Fashion Ring - Arizona JCPenny

Look at this! My ring and brooch go together.



  1. A very British outfit! :) I like the plaid and sweater combo... and the jewelry is stunning.

  2. I agree with Lillian! =) You look like the actress who plays her, too! Love the ring & brooch! Cute look!

  3. LOL! Thanks everyone! It seams around this time year people think I look like Anna Popplewell (Susan Pevensie). :D


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