Thursday, March 11, 2010

What I'm Wearing | Gypsy Wander

My outfit for today was put together by my younger sister, Hanne-col. She decided to give me the Gypsy look. I think I kinda like it. It is different from what I what normally wear, but I'm trying to branch out and try new things. What do you think of it?

-What I'm Wearing-
White Blouse - Old Navy Outlet -hand me down
Cream Ruffly Tank - Gap Outlet
Floral Skirt - Lauren Ralph Lauren -hand me down
Blat Flats - Naturalizer
Scarlet Scarf - Portobello Road Market London, UK
Necklace - The Mayflower gift shop in Plymouth, MA. 



  1. hmmm...I would pair it with a tighter like cap sleeve tee shirt: but thats just me! I LOVE the skirt! Where do you buy skirts? Thrift stores? Mall??? ECT?

  2. Thanks for the advice, Natasha!

    Most of my skirts were either given to me from families in our Church, or I sewed. The ones I do buy I pick up on the clearance racks at JCPenny, or any store with skirts that catch my fancy. Some of my favorite stores are Coldwater Creek (most are for someone "older", but sometimes I can find some "younger" looking skirts), J.Jill, April Cornell, Kohls, and Talbots are just a sampling.

  3. Cute! Always wanted to be a gypsy! I think that look is popular now, too! =)

  4. I like it, though I would wear a sash that wasn't so visually heavy.



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