Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What I'm Wearing - "I'm a little teapot......."

-What I'm Wearing-
Teal Knit Dress - Falls Creek 
Black Fashion Boots - Bass Shoe Outlet
Watch Pendent - Maurices
Silver Bangles - Gift
Fashion Ring - Arizona JCPenny

I wore this outfit special for a tea party two of my sisters put on today. Here is a picture of my tea cup and partly eaten strawberry. =)



  1. OH! How cute! Thats a great color! Do you mind me asking how much the necklace was? If you don't want to tell me, I understand! But it looks like something my olders sister woud like! And her b-day is soon!

  2. I don't mind, Natasha. The necklace cost $20 and right now they are having a sale. Buy one watch or piece of jewelry and get the second one 50% off, of equal or lesser value.

  3. I LOVE the necklace! I'd be so tempted to go get one myself. =)

  4. I absolutly love it!!! I wish I lived closer and maybe we could borrow each others cloths!!! *smiles*

  5. Too cute! That color is great on you. I love the look of dresses paired with tall boots.

  6. Aw, thanks ladies!

    Rebecca, it would be so much fun if we lived closer and we could share clothes! :) *hugs*

  7. Quaint! I love the color of the dress! :) The title of the post made me start singing the song...You know, that really is a fun song to sing!


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