Friday, January 7, 2011

Feminine Fashion Week {Day 7} | 1960s Inspired

-What I'm Wearing-

Brown Polka-dot Sun Dress - Made by me for my HS Graduation {seen here}
Brown Sweater - Kohl's {Hand-me-down from Gabrielle}
Pink Tights - J.C. Penny {$4.99}
Brown T-Strap Kitten Heels - Naturalizers {Don't remember it was several years ago.}
Pearl Earrings - Gift

I love this dress! The sad thing is, I had a hard time putting on my dress this morning. I'm so worried about tonight. What if I can't get it off?!? I think this means I've grown out of my dress. :( Hopefully this isn't so. As it is my favorite dress ever!! {I think.} As this dress is sleeveless I add the sweater for a more winter look. I think it brings the outfit a more 60s flair. And my hair was fixed into a relaxed {more modern} flip, aka. Mary Tyler Moore

Now my dear readers, I'm excited to announce that my 1960s hair tutorial is now up on Vimeo {YouTube has a 10 minute limit and the tutorial is 15 minutes long}.

Today is also the last day of Natasha's fashion week. How fast this week has flown! Thank you, Natasha for hosting this wonderful Feminine Fashion Week! :)



  1. Wonderful! I love your outfit! Thanks for the video! I am dying to try it really soon!

  2. Neat outfit! I like the dress. :)

    Great video! :)

  3. Adorable, Ashley! Love the video. Whats the name of the music you used at the time laps when you were curling your hair?

  4. I love your outfit!


  5. I have a few questions though...can you do this hairstyle with long hair?
    And, do you still need to tease even though you already have curly,full hair?

  6. Thanks girls!

    Sereina - It's called, High Heels and is from the CD Best of the British Light Music. You can download it off Blue Behemoth {it's track 23}.

  7. Miriam - Yes, you can do this hairstyle with long hair. You won't need to curl your hair if it is already curly. Now, you can try not teasing your hair and see if it works. As I don't really know. I'm thinking it would work. You must share pictures when you try out this hairstyle. :)

    If you can, I highly recommend the book, Vintage Hairstyling. {Which is where I got the hairstyle but I modified it for my hair.} As they did the back of the hairstyle differently then mine, for the model had long hair {I don't}. Your library might have it, or you can buy it directly from the publisher {which is what my parents did} Vintage Hairstyling.

  8. What a pretty outfit! I love the contrast of the pink tights!

    Pretty hairstyle too! Love it!!!

  9. Cute! The pop of red is brilliant!

    I found my vest at a thrift store for a couple dollars, it was a fantastic find and one of my favorite accessories.


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