Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Resources & Info for Dressing Vintage {Achieving a Vintage Look Part 1}

On Formspring I was asked the following question, "How can I easily achieve a Vintage look??" I decided to take this question and make a whole series dedicated to the subject {it will be a short series}. =)

Stores -

The easiest way to buy vintage inspired {or real vintage} clothing is from the following stores.

{I've own a dress from them that I won in a giveaway.}

Sewing - 

Another great way to get vintage looking clothing is to buy vintage patterns and make your own clothes. This is what I do. =) I find my patterns from Antique Malls/Stores {this is the big one for me} and online vintage pattern stores. 

Vintage {Original Patterns}

So Vintage Patterns 
{I bought my first vintage pattern from this site.}

{I've bought many patterns from her.}


{I bought several of their patterns while at Costume College last year.}

{The first one is vintage inspired. While the second is taken from their archives.}

Sense & Sensibility Patterns - 1940s Swing Dress Pattern

Blog Posts - 

Va Voom Vintage - 

Latter I'll show you the ways I dress vintage. And blogs of other people who do so. Next up...1940's make-up.



  1. Vintage clothing is really neat and has lots of style. I always see lots of vintage sewing patterns whenever I shop at yard sales and/or thrift stores. Maybe I should take a closer look at some of the patterns next time :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. Awesome! I can hardly wait for the rest of this series!!! :)

  3. I am looking forward to the rest of your series! I really want to start infusing my tendency to dress in earthy tones with a new more vintage-y flair tuned in to your posts I shall be!! :)

    Sarah E.

  4. right on. I really love freddies of pinewood (a UK site) but all their clothes are pricey. . .as are most reproduction non-slave labor clothing, so it's worth it.

  5. i just found your's great! the outfits are so classy!

  6. I love vintage clothing - always classy and a lot more original than the manufactured stuff you buy at the shops.

    I'm no good at sewing, unfortunately but luckily, I have relatives who are more gifted and they've made me Regency/Victorian dresses for our reenactment society. :)

  7. Thanks for the link, sweetie! I love your blog, you are so cute!! Following you...

  8. Ooh! Great series! I'm finally able to get back on your blog - so I've been enjoying catching up on everything I've missed! :^)


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