Friday, January 14, 2011

Pay it Forward!

I entered KatySue's Pay it Forward, so I'm doing it here too. Why? Because it's part of the rules. :)

Here is how Pay it Forward works: 

The first FIVE people who comment {open to those living in the USA} will receive something in the mail from me. Either some vintage lace, a bit of velvet ribbon, or something handmade by me. I'll poke around and find something lovely to give to you! :)

They in turn, must commit to doing the same on their blog. 

Also, please include your email address. So I can contact you. 

1. Grace
3. Joanna

I'll fill in the spots as they are taken.


You may notice that I have given Bramblewood Fashion a whole new look. I did this because we switched our internet connection, and I noticed that the blog started loading slowly. So, I thought that it must be running slow for some of you too, and decided to speed it up. Do you like it? {If you don't to be apart of Pay it Forward just leave a note in your comment.} My favorite parts are the background {polka-dots!!!} and the header. Eventually I want to redo all the tags {to the posts} to something more simple. 



  1. That's so neat! Yeah, I could do that! Thanks, Ashley! My email is

  2. OH, this is so cool!!! I"m actually participating in this on Facebook....although so far only one friend has responded!!!! That's so cool...Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  3. I'll do it! These are SO fun. :-)

  4. I found this on your tumblr! You have beautiful taste! I want something in the mail! :)

    - Samantha

  5. Oh yeah, I forgot to add my e-mail address.


    - Samantha (again)

  6. ooo! i'd love to do this! how fun!! :)

  7. I LOVE the new look, Ashley! The polka dots are adorable, and so is your header. Great job! :)


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