Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I was Awarded!!

Camille gave me this award over at Forever Feminine. Thank you so much, Camille!!! =)

With this award I am supposed to tell you all three of my favorite things. Without further ado, my three favorite things. In very general terms {except for number two}. ;-)

1. Vintage Clothing

2. Chai Tea

3. Traveling 

Now, the three people I pass this award too. 



  1. Aw, thanks for awarding me! Was so sweet of you! I LOVE that chai tea {I have just a little bit left in the frig right now:)}.

    Hope you are having a lovely day!

  2. Hello, Ashley! Just received your sweet little goodies, and wanted to thank you so much! I love them both!

  3. I know this is a little
    off subject but I was looking
    around at your lovely
    blogs and tumbler
    and I was wondering have you seen
    the film Ballet Shoes? It takes place in 1930's England.
    The story is good and it is a very clean movie and the clothes,setting and music are to DIE for!! I think you would like it:)
    Have A Blessed Day
    Ileigh Jean

  4. I love your vintage clothing and travel pics! :)

  5. @ Grace - Isn't that chai tea just wonderful!!! And I'm delighted to hear that you love the goodies I sent you!!! :)

    @ Ileigh Jean - No, I haven't seen it. I'll have to look it up. :)

  6. aw!! yay! you are too cute! I like chai tea too!

  7. Congrats Ashley :) :) Oh, that photo of the vintage luggage is super cute :) :) Have a great rest of the week. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather ;)


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