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Who Inspires Me (Fashion Wise) - Audrey Hepburn

For Attractive lips, speak words of kindness, For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people, For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry, For Beautiful hair, let a child run their fingers through it once a day, For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone. People, more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed. Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of each of your arms. As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself and the other for helping others. - Audrey Hepburn

With the Keeping it Classy {Modest Fashion Week} coming up I decided to bring back the Who Inspires Me {Fashion Wise} series, which only lasted one post last year {It was Grace Kelly}. I know, I'm so bad about doing blog post series. I'll try to do better this year. =)

To bring back the series I'll start off with Audrey Hepburn. Who has to be one of my favorite inspirational ladies, fashion wise, ever!

I would love to see a full length pictures of this photo shoot/what ever. For her dress{?} looks fabulous!! And the umbrella is so colorful and fun! I like.

Her look is so casual, but looks classy and nice. I don't know how she did it. As she is just wearing jeans{I think}, sweatshirt or oversized shirt, and her hair is wrapped in a scarf/towel!!!

 A sweet, darling, little summer print dress. I would love to have a nice little print dress for this summer like this one. I can imagine the flowers to be a purple {not sure if it's light, or dark purple.} and the background is a cream, or white. Oh, a girl can dream on finding the perfect fabric or ready made dress like this one. ;-)

 The amazing outfit Audrey wears in Roman Holiday. It's just a simple blouse, skirt, and scarf {silk?} with a scooter! I would love to ride a scooter around Rome {just less hectic}, or just one in general. =)

As you guys know, I LOVE this jumper that Audrey wears in Sabrina. And I was able to copy it last week after years of dreaming! What bliss.

Polyvore Sets -

Dress Like Audrey Hepburn


Audrey Hepburn Style

Little Black Dress - Audrey Hepburn

Movies I've Seen Audrey Hepburn in -

What's your favorite outfit of Audrey Hepburn's? And what's your favorite film with her in it?



  1. One thing I've always liked about both Hepburn's, Audrey and Katherine, is their shoes. They wore sensible shoes, no tart trotters, but shoes that were meant for walking, for allowing one to remain upright and not tilted over as if walking against the wind. Their shoes were always suitable to their clothing and very attractive.

  2. I have another photo from that shoot, so I'm posting it on Tumblr for you to see. :)


  3. Ashley,
    Wow, that is really neat. I didn't know that Audrey Hepburn was such a wonderful woman! I loved the little quote at the beginning. Very neat.

    I have seen I think only two films that had Hepburn in them.. My Fair Lady, and something like How to Steal a Million-which was just iffy... So, I definitely love My Fair Lady! I want to see Roman holiday now that I know where that picture comes from! :)
    Thanks for sharing and can't wait to see more posts on this (I'm cheering for you!)

    In Christ's Service,

  4. That summer print dress is so pretty! I also love her Roman Holiday outfit and the jumper. She's so stylish!
    My favorite movie with her is 'Charade' with Cary Grant. I've also seen 'My Fair Lady', 'Roman Holliday' and most of 'Breakfast At Tiffany's' (I've watched it on TV and usually it's half way through already). There must be others I've seen her in but right now I can't think of any.
    She's such a delight to watch on screen!

    ~Miss Laurie
    Old-Fashioned Charm

  5. I always thought Audrey Hepburn was a classy lady. "Roman Holiday" is a great film and very romantic :) :) That dress in Sabrina.. I remember my grandmother had a similar one. Those are nice dresses and so simple, too :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  6. Actually...she wasn't just an excellent source of inspiration through fashion, but also through how she lived her life. She was a UNICEF ambassador and worked very hard with third world countries. She was a phenomenal woman in many ways.

    BTW i LOVE the collection with the white coat and black dress.

  7. Thanks for that post, Ashley! :)
    That helped a lot with ideas for me...:)

  8. I love My Fair Lady!
    I like Audrey Hepburn too!

  9. Hi Ashley, we tried to send this in an email, but it didn't work. I hope that you read this!

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  10. Roman Holiday and My Fair Lady are my two favorite movies with her in it. :) She was such a classy and beautiful lady... Love her style!!

  11. You should try watching "How to Steal a Million". It's my absolute favorite movie with Audrey Hepburn in it. It's exciting, funny, and involves very little inappropriate content. (I can't say the same for all of her movies.) It's actually one of my very favorite films. =)


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