Friday, January 21, 2011

What I'm Wearing | The 60s Flip & Yellow Tights

- What I'm Wearing -

Jean Skirt - Made by Me
Cream Turtleneck - J.C.Penny
Black Pumps - Connie {Famous Footwear}
Yellow Tights - c/o We Love Colors
Brown Knee-High Socks - Kohl's
Pearl Earrings - Gift

Last night I curled my hair with pin curls {for the very first time!} and they turned out wonderful!!! I was feeling very 1960s this morning and decided to do the flip. =) I LOVED it! I felt very Laura Petrie all day. =)

I also tried something new today. Wearing tights with knee-high socks. It seams to be a trend for this winter, as I have seen several fashion bloggers doing this look. Another new thing....yellow tights. I'm slowly bringing color to my tights this winter. Or, rather quickly I suppose. lol.



  1. Cute hairstyle :) :) I have an old photo of my mom wearing her hair just like this :) :) She sometimes had to use bobby pins to keep the curls in place ;) :) Cute!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. I LOVE the tights! It makes your outfit pop! =D

  3. That's so cute! My pin curls never turn out quite right, but yours look great!

  4. Cute outfit! You look like a lovely young lady that someone just pulled out from the 1960's!!! I love the look! And your hair--it's adorable! I have my hair in pin curls right now! We will see how it turns out tomorrow! :)
    Have a great day!

  5. Oh my word, you are to cute for words! I love your hair!=)

  6. Cute hair! Isn't it funny how something like hair can make you feel like someone else?! I always feel like Laura Petrie when I wear a dress thats kind of similair to something she wore on an episode.

    Knee highs with tights?! What a great idea! Living in Montana, legs exposed are kind of cold...
    I haven't seen this before, but it would certainly keep my legs warmer! I'll have to try this soon!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  7. What a neat idea with the tights and knee highs...I didn't even notice that you had them both on until you said that! With the knee highs, your pumps look like boots! :)

  8. Cu-yuuute! :) Love the whole look! I agree...the knee-high's make your shoes look like boots. I was going to ask where you found such lovely boots! :) I like the two-pairs-of-socks idea...I often wear socks over my tights, but haven't embraced having two colors show! :) Maybe now I will....

    And the hair...*swoon* No words! Simply no words. :)

  9. You look so purty! I love your style so much. :) It's probably the closetest to my own that I have seen on the bloggy world. :) Btw, I awarded you over at my blog! Go check it out.

  10. Ashley, it's fantastic!!! Love the hair, and the whole look in general. What a great inspiration, when it's still so cold out! You look so cute!!

    xoxo, Achaia

  11. Hello, Ashley! Aw, I would have liked you to join!:) No, I have not received your package yet, though am anxiously awaiting it. I will let you know first thing, when I do!:)

  12. i so wish my hair would do anything other than be straight. you win! so cute girl:)

  13. How funny...I thought you were wearing boots. Hehehe :-)


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