Thursday, January 20, 2011

1940's Make-Up {Achieving a Vintage Look Part 2}

The next post in the Achieving a Vintage Look series is on 1940's make-up. Also, on my Formspring I was asked, "what make-up did they wear in the 1940s." Now I for one don't wear make-up, so I did some research to get the answer. =)

Key features of 1940s make up were:
    • Foundation: matched to your natural colour.
    • Cheeks: Rosy pink
    • Brows: Well plucked but full, arched eyebrows - moving away from thin eyebrows of the 30s. Brush with matt eyebrow power, set well with either eyebrow wax or vaseline.
    • Eyes: no eyeshadow or neutral cream base. Lots of mascara on top lashes only.
    • Lips: Focus was on full lips, the top lip rounded. All colours reds, fuchsia - anything to impress. The 40s were the golden age of lipstick!

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    If any of you know of more links, just let me know. =) And I hope some of you find this information helpful!



    1. Awesome.
      I love vintage make-up. I've just done a post with me in a vintage dress my sister made and vintage make-up! Have a peek! :-)

    2. Awesome! I am so excited to start the Classy modest fashion week!!!!

    3. Thanks for linking to my blog! I'm following now x


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