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Quick Makeup & Beauty Reviews | My Beauty Picks

Hello lovelies! How are y'all doing? I've been keeping busy between coming down sick with a bad cold the day after my blog event and working at both of my jobs.

Since I've been trying out a bunch of beauty products recently thanks to PR mailings or what I've picked up personally at Ulta Beauty or Sephora. I've decided to do some real quick reviews of what I've tried out, letting you know if they worth the money or not. Most of the time I do tons of research before ever buying anything beauty related, especially for higher-end products. I'm more apt to take the plunge with drugstore products.

MARIO BADESCU FACIAL SPRAY || This facial spray is cheap and does a good job of refreshing ones face when it is feeling tired. Sometimes I also spray it onto my face after several hours of applying my makeup to help freshen it up a touch. 

ULTA GEL EYE LINER PENCIL MINK || I thought this gel eye liner pencil would be good in my waterline. Not so good. It looks pigments and all, and the color does stay all day. BUT throughout the day the color flakes off and rests on my under eye area. Not pretty. It is a good gel pencil, just not for the waterline. 

SOAP & GLORY CLEAN ON ME || I was so excited when I discovered the news that Soap & Glory was going to be sold at Ulta Beauty, after being pulled from Sephora this spring. The first product I picked up when the travel sizes hit my store was the Clean on Me shower gel. The scent wasn't too overpowering and the product left my legs feeling moisturizing. It was a win in my book. 

URBAN DECAY REVOLUTION LIPSTICK in LIAR and RAPTURE || I've been finally getting into trying Urban Decay's other products besides just their eyeshadows. I must say, their lipsticks are amazing!! I have Liar and Rapture and they are both unique, yet classic for my everyday needs. Liar is more a browny-pink nude that is great for those days I want to go with a more bold eye look. While the color, Rapture is a purple-berry that has become one of my signature colors. Their lipsticks are long-lasting and moisturizing on the lips. Perfect for my needs. 

DR TEALS EPSOM SALTS in LAVENDER || Once I started working in retail, I've quickly come to appreciate and love the world of bath salts. My favorite so far that I've tried out is the Dr. Teals Epsom Salts in Lavender. But seriously, I love anything lavender scented for a relaxing bath. 

- BAREMINERALS BE READY EYESHADOW 2.0 in EPIPHANY || This little eyeshadow duo has quickly become one of my favorite for whenever I don't know what to do for my eye makeup. It is easy to apply and looks great for any look or occasion. The color payoff is stellar and last all day even without an eye primer. 

SOAP & GLORY SUGAR CRUSH BODY WASH || Soap & Glory's body wash in Suger Crush is my sister's Gaby's favorite scent of theirs, so I decided to give it a go when the bath & skincare line arrived in-store at Ulta Beauty. The scent smells strongly of either 7-UP or Sprite, so after three showers I couldn't take the scent anymore. I passed this one onto my sister who loves it. 

REVLON COLORBURST MATTE LIP BALM in SULTRY || I discovered this matte color balm when re-stocking the Revlon section at work one day, and thought this would be perfection for autumn. I was correct. It is a deep rosy color that is perfect for the colder months, when we all go for darker makeup looks. Or is that just me? ;-)

REVLON POWDER BLUSH in NAUGHTY NUDE || If you are looking for a blush that leans more towards a browny-peach shade, and isn't a bronzer to add some warmth to your face give this blush a try. It works well, you just have to layer it a bit to get some good color payoff. All around it is a good blush for the drugstore. 

ULTA PRO BRUSH & SPONGE CLEANER || After being ask several times a day the past month at work if I've tried this brush cleaner out from costumers, I thought it was high time I give a try. #peerpressure I'm happy to report that it does work, and is great for when you don't want to mess with baby soap or the like and want something quick. I would purchase it again. If you are unsure about trying this out, do what I do and buy the baby sized bottle. 

ESSENCE EYELINER PEN WATERPROOF 01 || After hearing some good reviews about this eyeliner pen on YouTube, I decided to give it a go especially since it is so cheap. Did not like this at all. The color payoff was weak and wasn't black AT ALL. I would give this a pass. I even returned mine back to Ulta Beauty, as I knew that I would never use it. Why waste money and space on a product I don't love?

SOAP & GLORY RICH & FOAMOUS BODY WASH || After not adoring the body wash in Sugar Crush from Soap & Glory, I decided to give Rich & Foamous a try. Oh. my. goodness. It smells like autumn baked goods and isn't too sweet [at least to me]. So far I'm loving this product. 

- BUTTER LONDON SHADOW CLUTCH in NATURAL CHARM || When this eyeshadow palette arrived in the mail, I was so excited! I had been eyeing BL's eyeshadows ever since they landed in our store at Ulta Beauty, as the shadows look beautiful. The shadows are like butter, soft [but not too soft, at least for me], and have amazing color payoff. Another great thing about these shadows is that they have eye primer added to them, meaning you don't have to wear any when using this shadows. Also the brush that comes with the palette works well when in a pinch, or are just starting out and don't have a lot of good makeup brushes yet. Oh, and can switch the colors out for any of Butter London's single eyeshadows to create the palette that you need for trips or events. #perfection

- PROGANIX QUENCH SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER || The past month I've been using this shampoo and conditioner combination and I've been loving it! It leaves my hair looking amazing for several days, and leaves some of my natural curl for two days. Any product that gives you more than three days of great hair days is a win in my book.

- OLE HENRIKSEN PURE TRUTH MELTING CLEANSER || After trying out several drugstore makeup removers that either broke me out, created a rash by my eyes, or just didn't do the job right I decided to give this product a try when checking out at Sephora. Oh. My. This product is life changing. It doesn't sting my eyes or give me an allergic reaction. Instead it does it job and removes ALL of my eye makeup and mascara, which is what I want. After purchasing this product, I've stopped using face wipes and cotton pads to clean my face. Instead I've upgraded to washcloths and a whole skincare routine at night when removing my makeup. My face has never looked clearer and I don't have to wear foundation or a BB Cream everyday, just a little concealed for my under-eye area. Yeeesssss

What products have you tried out recently?

-Ashley, xx


  1. I really enjoy reading your beauty posts, Ashely! I'm always on the lookout for new products to try out!

    Lately, I've been LOVING a new liquid lipstick by theBalm in the shade Committed. I love that it dries matte and that the color is completely opaque when it dries. The texture is a little thin when its applied, but again, the magic happens when its all dry! Ooh and for drugstore lippies, I'm also loving the Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Mattes in 665 Lust for Blush. I love the color for fall. Its rich and purplish but not over the top. And itCosmetics has become a fav brand!

  2. Oh, I've been wanting to try the Proganix products. Good to hear a positive review of them!

  3. I love the Airspun! I wasn't as big a fan of the Proganix Shampoo, unfortunately. :( I've been using Aussie lately, with a little argan oil afterwards and my hair has been feeling nice and soft. :)

  4. Shea Moisture has been a brand I've been loving lately. :D


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