Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Who Inspires Me [Fashion Wise] | Alexa Chung

I used to never get the hype over Alexa Chung that everyone had for her across the fashion and beauty world. Until I saw her in a video with Lisa Eldridge doing her makeup and my whole world changed. Well not really, but I did fall in-love with her style. Alexa's personality really shines through film and I just loved her British charm.

In fact, I want to find a vintage 80s/90s dress and style it how Alexa Chung would [I almost found one a few weeks ago at Goodwill, but it was wayy to big for me]. #lifegoals

Her beauty look is very 1960s a.k.a Jane Birkin which is a makeup style I dabble with from time to time. While her fashion style is all over the place, but is still very true to her. Always key when you are a brand.

"I like to dress in a way that's personal to me, and has a bit of nostalgia. If you're just dressing for all the trends, it lacks that essence." -- Alexa Chung, People Style Watch, November 2015

"It can seem self-indulgent to credit clothes with any magic or prowess, but they can completely alter the way you perceive yourself -- and how you're received." -- Alexa Chung, People Style Watch, November 2015

How to Dress Like Alexa Chung

"Alexa pushes the envelope. She loves clean lines, plays around with color, and is never too kooky or conservative." -- Phil Oh, People Style Watch, November 2015

For more Alexa Chung inspiration be sure to check out the following links and videos out, as they are my top picks for anything Alexa.

Into the Gloss - An interview with Alexa Chung on her favorite beauty & hair products.

What are some of your favorite Alexa Chung outfits/articles/videos?



  1. Oh my goodness! I've never heard of her before but from these photos I absolutely adore her style. So cute with vintage flair. It's pretty much exactly the way I wish I could dress!

  2. Alexa Chung is one of my primary style inspirations, and she is such a hilarious lady! I'm obsessed with her oh-so-modern with a nod to the 60s look. I also love Elizabeth Olsen, Lilly Collins, Emma Stone, and of course loads of bloggers and vloggers for style inspiration! :D

  3. I've heard of Alexa Chung a lot, but had never really checked out her style.... I really, really like it!! Some of those outfits are so cute. And, I totally agree with the second quote from her that you posted. Oh, and I think the first three pictures are my very favorite looks.

    Thanks for introducing me to her, Ash! :)
    Love you. xo Kay

  4. Love your blog!
    ~Anna, Hannah, and Emma


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