Monday, February 13, 2012

Guest Post | Lauren {Someone Like You}

Polka Dot Suspender Skirt: Thrifted.
Black Heels: Forever21.
Cream Circle Scarf, Red Beret: Target.

Hello readers of Bramblewood Fashion!
My name is Lauren, the bashful girl behind the blog Someone Like You. It is my absolute dearest pleasure to guest post for Ashley while she is away. I was completely flattered when she asked me!

Currently I'm a senior in high school awaiting the biggest change and leap of faith of I've had in my life; college. I've lived in a small, narrow minded, town my whole life. Same house, friendly neighborhood, traditionally married parents. Your average middle class American life. Although I thank God everyday for everything I have, I've always known though that something was missing. What was the something? Taking a risk. I knew that going to college an hour and a half away from home and studying Fashion Merchandising would be the biggest risk I could take with my life at this moment. It's scary to think about what is going to happen in a few short months. I'm leaving everything I have, everything I've always known for a place where I know nobody and nothing. Even though what I'm doing is scary to me, I can say that the excitement I have overpowers the fear. Everyday I think about how wonderful and beautiful college is going to be. To be going after all of my dreams. To be in a non judgment place where I can be myself. To meet all sort of new,interesting people that I may become life long friends with. When I think about all of the wondrous possibilities, it makes me not so scared anymore

Thank you Ashley and all of her beautiful followers for having me!
With much love, Lauren.
Thank you so much for doing this post, Lauren! I love that your skirt is polka-dotted! As they are a huge weakness for me. *grin* Be sure to check out Lauren's blog everyone, as it is one of my favorites.  


  1. ohhh that is adorable! i LOVE it! :D great job! <3


  2. I'm a senior getting ready for college as well! I am so excited for this huge change in my life. God is going to do awesome things:-) I'm terrified too...and excited!
    -another Lauren:)

  3. Thank you ever so much for giving me the wonderful opportunity to guest post on your lovely blog Miss. Ashley! It was my absolute pleasure and I hope you're having an enchanting time away. xx

  4. Whoa! We really looove your blog and your amazing style!! We love your whole looks in this post, esp your red beret!! We'd love to read more, so, following for sure!! ;) Oh and FYI, we have a Val's Day special DIY tutorial on our new blogpost. We hope you could drop by if you have time! ;) HAPPY VAL'S DAY gorgeous!!

    MLU the blog.

  5. Adorable outfit! I really love it! :-)


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