Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

Well, it is almost Valentine's Day. In fact, it is next Tuesday. I'm not sure what I will wear...hmm...nope, still not sure. *grin* But, I have put together some ideas for y'all of all different types of styles.

Keeping it Polished -
1. Black Pencil Skirt // H&M $24.95 2. Lace Trimmed Button Up Tank // Forever21 $27. 80 3. Nude Pumps // Forever21 $24.80 4. Red Blazer // Forever21 $27.80 5. Bow Tights // ASOS $14.32 6. Vintage Black Clutch // Etsy $12 7. Bow Post Earrings // Forever21 $1.50 8. Foral Hinged Bracelet // Forever21 $10.80

To recreate this look take either a pencil skirt, or full skirt {your personal choice}. Pair it with a top/tank that is either fully lace, or has touches of lace. Throw on a colorful blazer {pink or red is fun!} and wear some fun tights {bows, polka-dots, hearts...}! Instead of toting a purse, try out a large clutch for something different.

Modesty Tip: To make a lace top modest, take a shirt that is the same shade, and shape of the lace top and wear it underneath. It makes lace completely modest without ruining the effect.

For the Girl Who Doesn't Want to Go All Out -
1. Midi Pleated Skirt // Ruche $45.99 2. Faux-Leather Jacket // H&M $49.95 3. Striped Top // Forever21 $10.90 4. Taupe Heels // Forever21 $29.80 5. Mixed Colors Bangles // Forever21 $6.80 6. Ring // Forever21 $4.80 7. Lace Ankle Socks // ASOS $7.16 8. Bag // H&M $24.95 9. Post Earring Set // Forever21 $2.80

Are you the type of girl who doesn't like wearing tons of girly pieces? But would like to have touches of pink & girly-girl things on Valentine's Day? This look may be the one for you. Have your outfit be a mix of hard {leather jacket; faux or real} & soft {chiffon skirt, heels {if you want, you could do either flats, or boots}. The striped t-shirt adds a touch of Audrey Hepburn. While all of the accessories are on the girly side: rose post earrings, sparkling ring, lacy socks, and bold bangles.

Modesty Tip: Before going out that door in the chiffon skirt, be sure to wear a slip underneath. Even if the skirt is lined, I would still wear a slip.

Girly Without a Ton of Pink & Red -
1. Dark Skinny Ankle Jeans // Forever21 $10.50 2. Mint Blouse w/ Bow // Ruche $34.99 3. Striped Flats // Forever21 $16.80 4. Bag // H&M $24.95 5. Lace Dangle Earrings // Forever21 $3.80 6. Sparkling Cuff // Forever21 $5.80 7. Polka Dot Band Fedora // Forever21 $9.80

You might think that Valentine's Day might mean you have to wear pink & red to get in the spirit of the day! I think you can still be dressed for Valentine's without wearing a ton of pink & red - but, with only one piece that is either pink, or red. For this look I picked out jeans in a dark wash {you can easily switch this out for a skirt} and a feminine top {tops with either: bows, florals, polka-dots, lace, or are in soft colors are all good choices}. Added my touch of red in the shoes. And have all the accessories be in soft neutral colors.

Modesty Tip: If you love the look of skinny jeans, but not sure how to wear them modestly, here are my tips for you. Buy a pair that is a size up from your normal size {this will make them looser, and you may have to wear a belt to keep them up}. Find a style of skinny jeans that aren't too tight to begin with {I've found some nice ones at Forever21. In fact, I own a pair that featured in this set.}. You can also wear shorter dresses, and tunics over skinny jeans for an adorable look.

Date or Party Ready -
1. Red Dress // ModCloth $159.99 2. Black Pumps // H&M $24.95 3. Lipstick in Fearless // e.l.f $1 4. Pearl Necklace // Etsy $27 5. Pearl Post Earrings // Forever21 $1.50

A red dress is perfect for either a date, or a party on Valentines. {You could also wear a LBD and add touches of either, red or pink.} Add a peal necklace & post earrings, pumps, and red lips and you have a very classic look.

Beauty Tip: Not sure how to make your red lips last, and for the color to not bleed? Check out this handy tutorial, which, by the way, was the way I was taught at Costume College 2011.

Nerdy Style -
1. Red Skinny's // Old Navy $31.97 2. Embroidered Gauze Dress // Forever21 $14.50 3. Black Pumps // H&M $24.95 4. Nerdy Glasses // H&M $7.95 5. Bow Post Earrings // Forever21 6. London Tote Bag // Forever21 $1.50 7. Grey Cardigan // Forever21 $12.80 8. Watch // Forever21 $24.80

This look could easily be switched to a different look. Instead of wearing the red pants, you could wear a red skirt with a button down oxford shirt. That would totally add to the nerdy look. As you can see, there are many non-traditional ways to dress for Valentine's Day.


  1. I love both of the skinny jean looks! So cute!! :) I am such a sucker for anything to do with Valentine's day! :)

  2. Ummm, I love all of these things! I especially like the nude pumps from Forever 21...I went to buy them the other day, but they didn't have my size! I am a new follower and would be delighted if you would follow back :)
    Modern Modest Beauty


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