Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What I Wore | I Wanna Wander

T-Shirt Target // Jean Cut Off Shorts Refashioned by me // Sandals F21 // Anchor Earrings F21 // Lip Gloss Jouer in Birchbox Pink {this was from my January Birchbox}

Well, we have been down in Florida since Saturday. But I decided to take a short blogging break whilst down here. Actually, this whole month you will hardly see me post. As I'll be having guest bloggers when I'm traveling this month. I will pop in once an awhile with a post of my one. *grin* Like the rest of the week I'll be doing my own posts. But the next two weeks I'll be having guest posts {and maybe my Birchbox post next week if I have time between trips}.


  1. Well the outfit isn't my type, but the scenery~ WOW!!! SO gorgeous!!!

  2. Lovely outfit! I like your shorts :)

  3. Lovely outfit. That color looks great on you! That outfit looks exactly like what wear all summer long :)

  4. You look so fabulous and relaxed in that outfit! I love it. Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing time. :)


  5. You're so bloomin' cute, Ash! The top picture looks absolutely perfect. I will miss your regular posting, friend!
    xoxo Kay


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