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How Pinteresting Wednesday - Bucket List


For "How Pinteresting Wednesday" I thought it would be fun to have Bucket List has the theme. Showing y'all a peek into what I would love to do/visit/own/etc... *smile*

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

I always wanted to visit "The House that Ruth Built" after seeing, The Pride of the Yankees. But I guess now it will have to be the new yankee stadium. Oh well.

That would be a.m.a.z.i.n.g! I saw a ton of them go up on July 4th last year - it was beautiful!

It sounds so cozy & wonderful! Besides, I adore London. It is one of my favorite cities.

That would be lovely. But first, my friends will have to meet someone, then get engaged for that to happen. *grin*

This slowly becoming real for me. My fall/winter wardrobe is now full of pieces I love {just missing a few things}. I just need to work on my spring/summer wardrobe now.

It would be so much fun to visit Britain again, but with either/or both{!} Gabrielle {my sister} and Achaia {my best friend} too.

I've always wanted to do this since I found out about. When that was I don't know.

It would be so Roman Holiday to do so.

YES!!! I've been eyeing the macarons at Trader Joe's lately.....has anyone tried them? Are they any good?

That would be awesome! As I loved the pizza I had in Little Italy which is in Boston, MA.

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest


*sighs* I would mostly just window shop in Paris....because my favorite brands cost way more then I would ever spend. {Dior, Chanel, etc....}

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Someday I will visit New York City......

....and I will shop....

.....& go to a Broadway show on Broadway.

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

It sounds like so much fun!

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

My favorite cars are all classics. *grin*

I would love to visit Egypt. 

This would be so much fun! It would be even more fun if the movie was from either the 1940s, 50s, or early 60s!

YES! And just Europe in general. 

What are some things on your bucket list?


  1. That is a fun bucket list! I know a place that you can be FOUR places at once. :)

    Things on my bucket list are too many to count... but a few of my top ones are to visit Ireland, England, Prince Edward Island, and go to work in Uganda, Africa. :) And finally make my big movie that I've been planning for forever now. :)

  2. I love the bucket list ideas - I definitely want to shop in NYC and eat pizza in Italy! I need to start pinning these kinds of pins on pinterest. It doesn't hurt to dream - eventually achieve!

  3. Oh my goodness! Everything you listed off is excactly what I would want to do (if you add scuba dive in a coral reef!) Thanks so much for sharing Ashley!

  4. I had macaroons when I was in Switzerland. Salted caramel was very good, while vanilla not so much:) We were staying with friends and they got us some at their local bakery. I've actually been to that castle in the last picture! It is beautiful! When I was in Paris, I thought the most fun shopping was art shopping along the side of the streets. You can find some really great stuff! Ah, Chanel...I want to have something from them before I die. Even if it's just the perfume:-)

  5. Lovely items on your bucket list. I too, would love to try macaroons, I never have! :-) I am curious what the hype is all about! :-)

  6. I've always wanted to own a classic car, and someday I would love to go to an evening dance by a lake outdoors that is all lit up with lanterns. That would be so cool! I am confused by the one about eating pizza in Italy, though, because wasn't pizza invented in America by Italian immigrants? :)

  7. you have a lovely list! i would love to do the same things :)

  8. Love the bucket list idea. I'll have to put one on my blog. Oh and I have stood in three places at one time before, it feels kind of strange when you do it. :) Here are a few things that I'd like to do:

    1. Visit Enalnd, Ireland, &Scottland.
    2. Be a Bridesmaid or Maid of Honor.
    3.Get a book published.
    4. Get married in field and have the reception in a barn.
    5. Enter a barrel racing competition.

    Thanks for sharing your bucket list!

  9. This is the perfect bucket list. I'd love to do everything on here that I haven't done already (I have eaten macarons! Soooo good!).


  10. amazingly enough, so many of the things on my bucketlist have been able to come true- god just works things out so perfectly some times! But other things I have still are:
    ~ go on a mission trip
    ~ speak spanish fluently
    ~ be able to help make a hopeless little girl's dream come true
    ~ start my own non-profit organization
    ~ have an athletic body again...(no more cellulitic tummy and butt!)

    I really like your blog- I found you through the faith and fashion page! I am your NEWEST FOLLOWER! I hope you can visit my blog, let me know what you think and follow me back now too ^_^ I look forward to your visit ashley! :D

    God bless always

  11. such a great list! i am working on the wardrobe ;)

  12. We have ALOT in common! One of my goals is to travel all over the world with my camera. :)

  13. Ash~
    My list is the same as yours. *grin* And I would LOVE to visit Great Britain with my best friend (that's you!). <3
    Oh, and pizza in Italy?? Fabulous!
    Attend a masquerade? Definitely!!
    Go to a drive-in movie? YES! Did I ever tell you that Abiah and I want to own a movie theater when we're both married??
    Much love!
    xoxo Kay


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