Saturday, October 16, 2010

Modest Fashion Week - Ashley (Day 7) (Sweater Top)

- What I'm Wearing - 

Purple Sweater Top - Borrowed from Gabrielle {Kohl's}
Jeans - J.C.Penny
Purple Leaf Earrings - AmandaBeth Boutique
Fabric Ring - Samantha of Emariecreations {giveaway}
Black Snowman Socks - Gift 

Well girls, today is the last day of Modest Fashion Week. It was so much fun doing it with you girls. We'll have to do it again this winter. How does that sound? =) Today is just a relaxing day around the house. I'm busy sewing today. What can I say, sewing is relaxing to me. =) What are you doing today?

Link up your final outfit for today below. 



  1. Cute outfit! Looks comfy and I just love those socks. :)

  2. I am lovin' those earrings girl! And the whole outfit works awesomely!

  3. That color is superb on you! great outfit Ashley!
    A Modest Fashion Blog

  4. This is a great outfit...very casual and sophisticated at the same time :) :) :) Have a great week, Ashley. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  5. that looks very lovely and comfortable!!!

    also. you were tagged. come and obtain you orders.

  6. Cute outfit! Girl you won over at Marie Madeline Studio!!! You need to go check it out!

  7. Thank you, girls!

    Rebecca- Thanks for the tag!

    Jenny - Isn't it exciting! I'm jumping around in excitement!

  8. Those colors do look great on you. Cute socks! ;)
    By the way, congrats on winning the Happy Scrappy Quilt giveaway, over at Marie-Madeline studio!!!!!I bet you're excited!!! :)
    Much love to y'all! <3
    Martha Joy

  9. Such a simple and cute outfit - I like it. :)

    Sorry I've not commented in a while...I've been kind of busy. :P


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