Friday, October 1, 2010

A Girl's Life Fashion Week - Going to the Big Game {Day 1}

- What I'm Wearing -
Jeans - J.C.Penny - {$17}
T-shirt - Kohl's - I've had it for two years
Black Wedges - Target - I've had them for a year {$15}
Lions Earrings - Gift 

Today marks the beginning of A Girl's Fashion Week over at Mod Style Lounge. The theme for today is  what would you wear to the big game.  

To the big game I would wear jeans and a t-shirt that matches the team colors. My favorite pro football teams are the Colts & Lions. (see my lions earrings.) While my favorite college team is University of Michigan.  And guess what?!? All three teams have the color blue as part of their team colors. =) So I'm cheering for all three teams at the same time.  



  1. High-five girl! ;) Go Colts! :D

  2. So cute ashley:) I can't wait till Bramblewood Fashion's Modest Fashion week! I've already posted about it on my blog
    Anyway, I also love the new look!


  3. Im from Michigan! so i am like GO MICHIGAN ALL DAY!!


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