Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cute Flats for Autumn & Winter

I was browsing through the payless shoes website and found some really cute flats! I just had to share my favorites with all of you!

1. Caelyn Wedge - So cute even if they are wedges!  =)

2. Audrey Knot - Simply darling & in purple - my new favorite color!  =)

3. Feebe Bow Flat - I've always wanted red shoes. This might just fill the bill.  

4. Delilah Flat - Ooo, these are so cute & charming! <3

5. Flake Ballet - These look so cute, comfy & just like slippers! 

6. Annabelle Flat - How fun & classy! 

7. Cypress Bow Ballet - Darling. Though a little on the Summer side. 

8. Anise Bow Flat - Classy and pretty! 


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  2. Oh those are so cute! I love ballet flats, but I can't wear them- they fall off my feet! Unfortunately my heels are too narrow, my arch is too high, and if I get a smaller size my toes will die. lol! That's ok, I can dream- and there are other cute shoes out there. ;)

  3. I get most of my flats from Payless! :) I actually own the purple pair (I, too, am going through a purple phase), which are like wearing slippers after you get them broken in, and the red pair, which are also comfortable after they are broken in and a little more flattering than the purple ones. :)


  4. Those teal slipper ones are sooooo comfy, I may have to buy them next pay check!!

  5. Oooooh...I want every single pair...I can hardly begin to say how adorable they are. I feel a shoe-craving coming on. ;) haha. They are SO my weakness... ;)

  6. American Eagle has some superb shoes! I have to say though that my favorite is the: Annabelle Flat. I love the unique pattern! Black and white is always "in"! LOL! Well...maybe not but in my world it is! :)
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  7. Oh the shoes are cute and I LOVE flats...I can't wear heals...Of the ones you displayed...I like the purply ones and the grey ones with the roses...very nice :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  8. I love these flats. I just did a post on flats last week on my blog ( that featured some of these same pairs of flats! :)

  9. I love them all! I just might have to get a pair soon...or two. :D


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