Monday, October 4, 2010

Autumn Modest Fashion Showcase - Ashley {Day 2}

- What I'm Wearing -

Golden Yellow Pencil Skirt - Made by me {my pattern review}
Cream mock-turtleneck - J.C.Penny's
Jean Jacket - J.C.Penny's {borrowed from Gabrielle}
Owl Necklace - Made by me {pendent from Joann Fabrics}
Owl Earrings - Kohl's
Brown Wedges - Target
Black Purse - Kohl's 
Brown Knee-highs - Kohl's

It is the second day of Marie's Autumn Modest Fashion Showcase today. The pencil skirt I'm wearing today reminds of something form either J. Crew or Anthropologie - except for a fraction of the cost. I found the fabric at Joann's in the quilters cotton section for $6 yd. And with the pattern needing only about 2 yards it comes out much cheaper then either store. I'm also wearing my owl jewelry today. I don't know why I like owl jewelry - maybe because I'm a night owl? =)  

Oh, I stopped at Famous Footwear today after work and bought my dream pair of black pumps! They didn't have my size in the store, so they will be shipping the shoes to my house from another store. I can't wait for them to arrive. I already have my outfit planned out for when the do arrive and I can wear them. =) 

These are the pumps I bought. 



  1. I love the owls! ;-)
    The brown and yellow look very nice together.=)

  2. Super cute! The blue jean jacket and white tee shirt offset the yellow skirt nicely. Great job! Can't wait to participate in your fashion show!
    "Encouraging young ladies to dress in modest, Gdoly, feminine fashion."

  3. really cute! i love the colour and the pattern on the skirt

  4. I love the shoes (the ones that your wearing)!

  5. Love the new shoes, Ashley! (I just love shoes!!) Looking forward to seeing the outfits you put together to go with them!


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