Saturday, October 9, 2010

Autumn Modest Fashion Showcase - Gabrielle {Day 7}

~What I am Wearing~
cream shirt ... Liz Claiborne 
Purple halter vest ... made by yours truly, but it is Ashley's vest ;)
denim knee length skirt ... made by yours truly 
Purple plaid scarf ... Kohl's 
brown flats ... Payless

Now, this outfit is suppose to be for day 7 of Marie's Autumn Modest Fashion Showcase, however, it seems as though she has not posted her outfit; thus the linky thing.  

Anyway, I hope you like my outfit.  I do; except the fact that I think it makes me look short.... Hmm. I think I shall have to stick to wearing heels with this skirt. 

Oh! If anyone happens to be at a Kohl's sometime soon, you might want to look for some lovely skirts they have!  They are long and modest!! *jumps for joy* And to add to the fact that they are (on me anyway) at my ankles (though at my mother they were several inches above...) they are of lovely plaids and of very soft material!  You might want to check it out.  ;) I hope to have pictures of my skirt tomorrow for Bramblewood Fashion's modest fashion week.  I hope y'all plan on attending! 

Now am I forgetting anything? Ah, yes.  This post marks Bramblewood Fashion's 300th post!  Exciting. 

Love and greetings from,
~Gabrielle Renee


  1. Cute outfit! Oh yes! This time of year that Kohls have lovely skirts! Last fall my sister and I purchased some ankle length plaid skirts!! I think they are the ones you are talking about. :D We picked out about 3 or 4,but in different colors!
    Have a great day!

  2. Nice outfit, I love your skirt, it makes me want to make one! It's been great to see the other face behind Bramblewood fashion!=)

  3. KatySue: Thank you. I shall try to keep it this way. :)

  4. Congrats on 300 posts! Wow that is exciting. :) I love this outfit... your hair is really pretty too BTW! It looks cute in braids. Sorry I didn't get the linky up yesterday on my blog.. it is up now though!!


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