Monday, January 12, 2015

How to Get Audrey's Style

Audrey Style

One of my all-time favorite style icons would have to be Audrey Hepburn. Her style is classy, timeless, and chic. If I was to recommend how to capture her style, I would recommend that you stick with timeless wardrobe pieces like: pencil & full skirts, cigarette pants, button-down shirts, ballet flats, LBD [little black dress], breton tees, sweater tops, statement sunglasses, these are all key elements of Audrey's style. Of course, Audrey also wore lots of color and prints too, but if you aren't comfortable with capturing an era with modern clothes I wouldn't worry about capturing that part of Audrey's style when first starting out.

Also, another important key to capturing Audrey's look is to channel her makeup & hair look for yourself. My tips? Keep it clean and simple, but don't forget to do her bold brows [one of my favorite ways to achieve bold brows with with a colored brow gel, my favorite product is from Benefit and is called, Gimme Brow.]

This week I'm going to be doing several Audrey themed posts, so feel free to join along on your blog or social media and share it with me! Our hashtag is going to be: AudreyStyleBF :)

~Ashley, xxx


  1. I love this post! Anything Audrey Hepburn I'm a sucker for. Those sunglasses are what sold me. They're absolutely Audrey. What I loved most about her style was it was so fancy looking, but comfortable too. None of her outfits ever required tugging up or adjusting. She never let her clothes keep her from having a good time. // US Lifestyle Blog

  2. For me, AH is ballerinas, tees and these lovely trousers, but the yellow coat definitely caught my eye..

  3. I love Audrey Hepburn! She was so beautiful while at the same time staying modest ;) This post makes me want to go watch Breakfast at Tiffany's RIGHT NOW :P

    O | The Fashion Geek

  4. There is a reserve to Audrey's style - almost a mystery about her in a way. That is probably why I decided to name the P.I. in my book Audrey. Ladylike + mysterious. It seemed a good fit.

    I look forward to the next posts!

  5. She does have a lovely and classy style, doesn't she? I love that pic of her on the phone wearing the striped shirt... striped shirts are one of my weaknesses. ;)

  6. I love Audrey's classic style- can't wait for more posts!!

  7. Lovely post!! Yes, I like her style too!! LOL!


  8. Ah, she is one of my all time favorite actresses. She seemed like such an amazing person inside and out.


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