Saturday, January 17, 2015

What I Wore | BoHo Vintage Sweater Dress

Hello lovelies! How has your weekend been so far? My Friday was simply charming, filled with laughter, good fellowship, and delicious food since a good friend came over for dinner, a movie, and homemade ice-cream [with homemade fudge sauce & whip cream]. It was delightful. Then this morning/afternoon I worked at Ulta, and I came home to see that my January Ipsy bag [which has some fun goodies in it] had arrived in the mail.

What I'm Wearing
Hunter Green Sweater Dress -- SheInside via Simply Chic [$6.80]
Bow Tights -- J.Crew Factory [$4.50]
Combat Boots -- JCPenny [Christmas Gift]
Belt -- Came With the Dress
Earrings -- Target
Hat -- Forever 21 [Don't remember]
Coat -- c/o Free Country
Lipstick -- L’Oreal in Fairest Nude

Gah! Some of these pictures didn't turn out right, sorry about that. It was super bright outside, and dark inside our house -- we just couldn't win. Anyhow...I was super excited when I found this adorable sweater dress at Simply Chic earlier this week, especially since I've been wanting to find a longer sweater dress that didn't cling to me like crazy.  To say the least, it is one of my new favorite dresses for the winter, and methinks I'll be wearing it a lot to church on Sundays in the coming weeks. 

How would you style this dress? Do you like sweater dresses?

~Ashley, xxx


  1. Adorable! I love the style of sweater dresses even if I don't own one! :)

  2. That dress!! Oh Ashley, what a score!


  3. So cute! :D I like it with those darling tights and the belt.

  4. That dress is adorable! That color!

  5. I LOVE this dress so much!! I want it:) Your ensemble for this post was flawless, what with your boots, charming bow tights, and great hat, it was the perfect combination!!

  6. I love sweater dresses! And this one is adorable! Your whole outfit is just perfect!

  7. Lovely outfit! It reminds me of something Clara Oswald from Doctor Who would wear. :D

  8. Oh that dress is so cute Ashley! It looks great on you!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  9. Oh it looks so warm and cozy. Love those tights and boots too!

  10. Oh how lovely this is! Nicely done! I think the beautiful green dress with the tights are so cute.

  11. Your dress is beautiful! I think it would be one of my favorites too! In fact, I think this is one of my favorite outfits ever posted on the blog. It is simply beautiful!! :)

  12. Beautiful, as always, Ashley.
    Love the color of your dress!
    A modest fashion blog:

  13. This dress is so gorgeous and perfect! You look so lovely.


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