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Within in the past couple months I've been really inspired by Keira Knightley's style -- both for fashion, hair, and makeup. Of course, it is helpful that my favorite makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge, does a lot of Keira's event makeup looks. It is also because of Keira that I decided to try out a more coral/orange red this year, since it looked amazing on her at a movie premiere this summer.

Btw, if you are unfamiliar with this Who Inspires Me [Fashion Wise] series, it is a blog series that I started several years ago, but I tend to only do two-three posts a year for it, hence you might not of heard of it yet [if you are a newish reader]. :p

I feel within the past couple of years, Keira's style has become simply stunning. Of course, I tend to really favour the style of ladies from the UK, there is something about their look that I enjoy. Enough chit-chat though, let's get into the pictures and look at pretty things.

I really like the color and shape of this Burberry Prorsum dress. 
I seriously love how Keira can rock the brown smokey eye look. I wanna learn how to do it myself, as it beautiful. 
Umm...a polka-dot lace dress that is white & black? Yes, please. 
The photos from her CHANEL Coco Mademoiselle S/S '14 shoot are amazing. The dress is perfection, and I love her hair and makeup. 
P.S. The scent for this perfume is pretty too. I tried it out at work a couple weeks ago, and loved it!

Simple clean makeup with a black dress? This is my typical work outfit look when I'm not doing truck or TASKING. 

I had to include this picture of Carey Mulligan & Keira Knightley, 'cause it reminds me and Gaby of us so much. Not sure why really, but it does. :) 

If you would to see more pictures of Keira, check out my Style Icons board on Pinterest. 

::What I've Seen Keira In::
The Pirates of the Caribbean series
Pride & Prejudice [2005]
Neverland (TV Mini-Series) [2011]

~Ashley, xxx


  1. I love the first dress (green) and how her hair and makeup is in the second picture! Thanks for sharing- have a blessed New Year!

  2. Oooh! i love her style as well, and she's such a great actress! Speaking of such, :) another movie you should watch with her in it is Princess of Thieves. It's one of her earliest movies (before Pirates of the Caribbean) and it's such a lovely story and very clean. I know she's been in some rather trashy movies :/ but I absolutly love this one. The storyline is that Robin Hood had a daughter, and the movie is about her (Keira Knighley plays the daughter) It's a very intersting story, and again very clean (no language, very minimal violence, and what there is is kind of classy if that makes any sense) I absolutely love Robin Hood, and i think you would really like this movie!

  3. I love the first dress! It's brilliant on her. I'm not much of a fun of her as an actress though . . . she tends to play all her characters the exact same way. But Benedict Cumberbatch! Nice of you to include a photo of him ;-)

    dance a real

  4. Love these looks!
    I adore Kate Middleton's style as well, for similar reasons. I love the ladylike, sophisticated look. It's funny, because I tend to lean towards hipster meets classic (is that a real style?).
    A modest fashion blog:

  5. She has great style! I love her shoulder-length hairstyle that she has in a few of these photos.


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