Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Goals for 2015

Hello lovelies! I haven't done one of these goals posts for several years, mostly because I picked one thing I wanted to master/learn for one given year and that was it. This year to challenge me more, I want to make my goals for 2015 public, as y'all can keep me accountable & challenge me to keep my goals. Sound good? 

In 2013 my goal was to find my perfect red lipstick and become bold enough to wear it on a daily basis. I did find my perfect red lipstick that year, and in fact, my collection has grown in the red department and I wear it to work a lot. 

In 2014 I challenged myself to learn winged eyeliner, and just how to apply eyeliner in a pleasing way for my eye shape. I'm happy to say, that it might have taken me awhile to master this one, but I finally did in October [so I'm still in the early stages for this one].

As I look back on my beauty goals for the past two year, it has taken me a bit of thinking to settle on a beauty goal for 2015, since I've mastered two of my hardest things for me in the beauty whelm. After much consideration, I have decided that I want to learn more about doing my brows in 2015 and finding the perfect products for them. 

Any of you have products that you love to use for your brows?

The rest of my goals for 2015:
  • Save up enough money to go to London, England with my sister, Gaby, best friend, Achaia, and her sister, Abiah in 2016. 
  • Get back into sewing, since I miss doing it.
  • Make a blogging schedule and stick to it. 
  • Create an e-pattern to sell. [Any ideas for a design you would like to see from me?]

What are your goals for 2015? 
How can I help y'all stick to your goals?



  1. Good luck with all of your goals! And your hair is just lovely :)

  2. Sounds like reasonable goals, Ashley.
    I'm going to make my own mascara this year! I've stayed away from it for various reasons, one being it's a chemical right next to your eyes : (
    I also want to read my bible more.
    Hey, do you have any devotional books you would recommend?

  3. I really want to eat healthier and work out more also I want to create a blog plan and really commit to it

  4. Good resolutions, Ashley! I don't have very many, just to get my license in one of the 2 upcoming years! :)- Abi
    PS, how much is it to go over seas? I'm really interested!

    1. It costs about $2,000+ to go over seas, so it isn't cheap. :) Which means I have to go on a low-buy this year.

  5. Those are great goals! It would be so awesome for you to go to England. I love your hair, how do you do that bun thing?


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