Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Outfit Ideas from Abbey | Guest Post

Hello, gals!

I don't know about you, but I love Christmas! And who doesn't adore the smell of pine trees, listening to Michael Buble's Christmas album, hot chocolate, the twinkling lights on Christmas trees, and you can't forget the bright + merry shades of red, green and gold adorning our homes, stores, and pretty much anything from packaging to clothing.

Today I have two outfit ideas for you that I came up with for Christmas, or any holiday event! 

Outfit #1
Black pencil skirt-Thrifted 
Gold sequin stripe T-shirt-Ann Taylor 
Blue faux leather jacket-Forever 21
Red plaid scarf-old
Black heels-borrowed

Outfit #2
Navy blue dress-Lands End
Cream lace cardigan-Thrifted 
Gold sparkle flats-borrowed
Gold + pearl necklace-Thrifted 

Red nail polish-Claire's
Red lipstick-Wet N Wild in Cinnamon 

Thanks for reading, lovelies! And a huge thanks to Ashley for letting me guest post this series!

Abbey Noelle


  1. I love these outfit ideas! You're just too adorable, darling.

  2. AHH!!! These looks are perfect! I especially love outfit #1. Are you going to wear one of those for Christmas?

    1. Thanks, girl. I have about 2 more Christmas outfit ideas coming we'll see. ;)

  3. Those outfits are too cute! Thanks for the inspiration, girl. :)

  4. Cute outfits!! I especially love the tartan scarf! :)

  5. So lovely, Abbey, as always! I especially like that blue dress. So pretty and wintery.

  6. These looks are absolutely adorable! Abbey, you always look so perfect! (:



  7. Love the pops of red, Abbey! So pretty. :)

  8. Very cute outfits!!!!
    The Wet n' Wild lip shimmer in Cinnamon is my go to red lip color too!!!
    I'm glad to know that someone else likes it too:)


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